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Summer garden


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Oooh I've just finished some gardening at the weekend ☺ Daddy and me went to the garden centre and got a minature Acer tree , it's so cute and pretty oh and Daddy bought some wine coloured spikey plants,they look cool though. I looooove succulents but it's soooo tricky in our climate to grow them, it's still so cold and rainy here and it's supposed to be summer!!!! I have succulents I'm goin to try grow inside because i don't think they'd survive in the garden and then I'd probably cry cos I'm a bit of a softie...ha! Edited by Daddybears PLB
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Guest MommyWitch


Green beans













Pineapple sage









So many goodies!! I am excited!

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Daddybears PLB I would cry too if my plants died. I had to thin out some squash the other day and it just hurt my feelings.

You and your daddy sure do have a lot of plants. I'm curious what the spiky ones are. Cactus? hope it warms up your way so you can start enjoying summer.

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ChubbyBabyWitch you have a ton of plants!! I gots a lot too. How is your broccoli handling the heat??
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You think your lettuce and spinach will be okay? I want grow some but I hear they will bolt quickly in the heat.

Rocks! Fun! Did you paint them?

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I don't know about the lettuce n spinach. My husband did those. I have beans. Munch, munch!!


Lol! No, he put them there to take up space. Great idea!

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I just started gardening, we moved to a new house and turns out the gardener we hired didn't know what he was doing, apparently he only knows how to do maintenance but he lied >_< we had him start from scratch bringing dirt, installing grass and a few plants as well as some stones for decor. The only thing that was here were the trees and the ivy. EVERYTHING WAS DYING T_T


So it's not very impressive yet but it's staying alive now :3

Lime trees,

Morning Glory Ivy,



Butterfly Iris.


I think it will be mostly flowers but dunno yet

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