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Going to Japan soon. What are some locations and activities for littles?


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What are some are some little things to do aside from the cat cafes and amusement parks? We will be traveling in August and maybe December.
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Go to Harajuku!!!!!

I was totally going to say go to Harajuku lol.


Visit the hot springs up there


See what festivals will be going on during the time you're there


Visit a Pachinko place and play pachinko.


If you'll be in Kyoto and like monkeys, go to the monkey park and feed monkeys


Go to a karaoke bar


Go to a ramen shop and eat legit ramen


Akihabara is the otaku center of the world if you like anime


Visit one of the numerous castles/temples/shrines


Go to a maid cafe

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Guest TheyCallMeLovely
What are you most interested in? Historical attractions? Food? Geeky things? Sporty things? What city will you be in? All paramount details to giving good suggestions. :)
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All the things little girls in Japan do! Arcades, photobooths, sticker and accessory shopping, dressing up and just walking through the city.


There's a lot of parks where people meet everyday to dress up too - gothic lolita etc.

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