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Help My Dom says I enjoy my punishments too much!!


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So I am very experienced in BDSM and he is newer at it. He is a natural at it really.I enjoy pain and Sir says it is not a punishment for bad behavior when I like it so much. I am a brat and push his button when I want his attention. I also want to be punished so I challenge him to get him worked up. This last time he took any sexual touch from me for 24 hours, he was going to go for 3 days but I was able to do things to earn the day back. I hated it, in fact I had such bed panic attacks over him not touching me I was afraid of having a breakdown. It sounds silly but his touch makes me feel real and safe. He gives me something that I need when he touches me so I don't want to have this punishment. I want new ways for him to be able to punish me but I am not sure what to ask him to try. It is harder to talk about it because I am a true sub but I am also a brat and he knows I am trying to get his attention when i act out. What are other ways he can punish me? I am a Sub not a Little but I have a lot of Little habits.

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If I was your daddy I would save the 'physical punishment' for sexy playtime. There are several things you can do for bratty punishments like writing lines, no sweets, going to the corner with time outs. But he could also edge you during sexy playtime as a punishment. He could also do something strictly for his pleasure during your sexy time.

I hope this helps. 

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You need to talk to him about it. Rewards and punishments should build D/s connection not detract from it. I'm not sure what you mean when you say it's hard because you are a 'true' sub (whatever that is). It's your responsibility as a sub and an adult to speak up. You could make a number of suggestions but it's up to him to decide. He could make other suggestions and you can veto any that are off limits.

Hope this helps

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Guest Appache
I agree with above. It’s common to use brattiness as attention seeking. If physical pain is something you don’t see as a punishment then discuss with him the things you would feel are punishments. For example, losing privileges , having tasks to do etc. Everyone’s different so you need to decide between you what would be effective.
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As everybody has said before me, communicate. As a sub I would ask for physical punishment if I felt like I was getting too stressed and needed some release, we also had weekly maintenance. I'm also as a masochist so I totally get enjoying pain. Which is why I don't tend to have it as a punishment, not a reward either, more of a stress reliever, I guess. I have had it used as a punishment, but it needs to be given/handled in a certain way for it to work as one. I think that's where you may notice his newbieness to the lifestyle.


There is no true way. Build your own dynamic, whatever works for you and him. You need to be an adult and talk about it though. 

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