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Daddies, littles and mental health


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New here, so if this is the wrong place let me know. i have a lovely Daddy who gets low and i was wondering if anyone had any cute games or ideas for things littles can do to cheer up Daddies
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Depending on what your Daddy likes, I'd say whatever helps him to recharge. That might be spending time together cuddling, watching a movie. Going for a drive and getting coffee? A hike/walk? Going to one of those paint your own pottery places?

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Guest TDaddy

As a Daddy who gets low, I shut down. Block everything out. Even though the signs aren't there to indicate that I'm thankful for your companionship, I am. Hug, hold him, try not be too much in his face. Sometimes silence is the best voice anyone can have. Not everyone is the same, but this is what works with me. :) 


Men are complicated engines, who often don't show signs of indication.


Good luck 

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Guest LittleSnowiii

Try to be there for him. Sweet cuddles, hugs, try to create a place/environment that is quiet and peaceful for him.

Sometimes with mental health is all too much. So he might need a break once in a while :)

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I may be the odd one out here but I'm going to suggest something different. Talk to him adult to adult. He may find some little games cheer him up or he may not, that might not be the solution.


He may need you to step back and may need adult support for a bit. Yes, he might benefit from games or cuddles but he might need something else too. The only person who can tell you what he actually needs is him.


Mental health issues, be it feeling low or something else, are serious so usually require a serious conversation. A lot of littles ask on forums like this what their partner may need instead of asking their partner, start there. If he says he needs more little time, fine, but just assuming that's the solution could actually be more harmful than beneficial.


Communicate, communicate, communicate. You 100% can't go wrong doing that with your partner. Just a different point of view for consideration.


Little kaiya

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