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I was wondering....

Ember Moons

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So me and Daddy were just talking and I blushed at one point in the conversation and this happened:


Daddy: That's nothing to blush about :p

Me: Giggle tell that to my cheeks daddy cus they want listen.

Daddy: Okay. That's nothing to talk about, cheeks.

Me: Giggles DADDY I was just being silly giggle they can't listen to u  :p

Daddy: Maybe they can, you might have little cheek monsters in there  :o

Me: O.o REALLY *blink blink*

Me: I wonder why they turn red then? And are they good monsters or bad? What do they eat daddy?

Me:Do u think they get mad when I wash my face O.o is THAT why my face gets so red in the bath?

Me: Giggles what should I call them ......

Daddy: Hmm. well what do you think they would be called?

Me: lol ok ur the one who knew about them daddy should name my blush monsters and fyi I hope u know u have officially started a real thing I will reference giggles



I was wondering if any other littles had moments like this ><. I would love to hear then so I dont feel so silly

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All.of.the.time. We talk about butt monsters and putting things in ears and eyeballs and all kinds of silly things Have fun! Its nothing to feel silly about. 

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Guest LavanderRabbit

That is adorable. Usually if I bring up anything about the human body to daddy he gets weird. (Has strong interest in Anatomy, Biology, Physiology, Ect)

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We have this thing called the blanket monster (which is just me under the blanket pretending to be a monster) and I'll go and eat Daddy and he'll get pretend scared and kill the blanket monster. But he doesn't know who the blanket monster is hehe

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