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What’s the difference between dom/sub and a daddy (or mommy)/little girl (or boy)?


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Well d/s is part of BDSM and while some doms and subs might want to be caregivers and littles, not all do. Plenty of subs don't identify as littles at all, they're just submissive. Same for dom(me)s. And while one might be tempted to think that ddlg and variations is simply a category of d/s, there's some caregivers and littles out there who are pretty vanilla. They don't do rules and punishments and just like the soft nurturing relationship.


So, there's definitely some overlap, but it's more like a venn diagram.

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Yes, as mentioned.


D/s (Dominant and submissive) is as aspect of BDSM.


Dom(me)/sub:  The CG (caregiver) would be the D and the l (little) the s



CG/l does not have to be a sexual relationship or TPE (Total Power Exchange)


So while there is overlap as mentioned, you can have a D/s relationship and it not be a CG/l. You can be in a CG/l relationship and it not be D/s....and you can have a D/s relationship and also CG/l


It really just depends on the relationship itself and what the individuals want :)

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