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Need help with DDlg photos


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i want to start taking cute/teasing photos as a little but ive never done it before so i need a little help :unsure: .i have looked at outfits and stuff online but im not sure which ones would look right with the body type i have,im a bit shy so i dont want to start off with anything to revealing either :blush: .im also not sure how to take the photos in a "DDlg" style,what poses do i do? do i bring props into them? im sorry if this seems stupid and like common sense but i want to take these pictures to help boost my confidence and for my daddy to see. :wub:  *glitter*

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What I would do is 'google' DDLG photos and see all the different kinds of photos and choose some that appeal to you and try your best to replicate them. I would take several photos from different angles and see which ones you like best. My opinion is that there are no wrong ways to take the photo you want. This is all about finding your creative juices. Personally I love props, but this is about you and what makes you feel pretty and cute. Don't worry about what others might think. This is for you and your daddy.

I hope this helps

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I found that the first step is to do a fun fashion shoot and maybe look at or know someone with some photography skills as they will know the angles and shots.


If you need any help, let me know

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I'm still getting used to it myself, but what I started with was just dressing up in one of my Little outfits and I started snapping pics of myself. I really only do my face, or my top half, but I'm slowly getting my whole body into the picture. It's taking me a while because I have to look at the pics afterwards and my instinct is to delete them all. Lol Just start slow. Maybe play dress if you like to and go from there. Oh, and a selfie stick is a wonderful thing to own for pics. :D

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