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constantly stressed


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hewwooo, it's been a while since I've last been on here.


I've recently graduated school, and the road to adulthood has been really static outside of my mental health plummet. Because of this, regressing is hard because I'm being hard on myself. It's been a month, but I've only just applied for a job last night. I'm not doing anything but hiding in my room all day. I keep running when people check up to see if I've done anything with myself yet. I'm not meeting anyone's expectations of me.


I don't feel like I deserve the peace of regression. I can't really find it right now. I'm stressed about keeping up with an episode of the wiggles while I color. I'm stressed about keeping my crayons in order. I'm stressed about not regressing enough. I'm especially stressed about not regressing that much around my daddy that much and the struggle of finding confidence to color/use my paci/watch littlespace stuff around him (even though he's entirely supportive and a wonderful dom).


I don't know what to do. I don't know how to take pressure off of myself. I'm hoping if a job falls into place, I can gain more peace of mind by being productive in the world around me, and allow myself some relaxation.

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Guest LittleSnowiii

Road to adulthood is always like this. Is not easy because there isn't really a manual to help. Everyone's path is different! 


Problem here is you're being way too hard on yourself. You just finished school! Have you even celebrated that? 


It seems the reason you can't regress is because of this. You're putting so much pressure on your shoulders. Let life run it's way. Because stressing about the future, won't make it arrive faster. 


Working on your mental health and happiness is crucial. I think will help alot to then regress once more.

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I can relate a lot to this. The feeling of being useless, the constant worry about the future and seeing yourself between the wall and the sword. It's horrible x( But think about this: punishing yourself doesn't help. And what you need is all the help you can get to find a job and to feel calm in the meantime. Nowadays, it can be very difficult to find a job but you are still very young and you have only applied to one! Try to do as many things as possible to apply to others and take it as a job itself so you will have the right to do whatever you want in the free time. 


You are lucky to have a daddy, so look for his support and the support of the other people around you who appreciate you; you are not alone :) Worry about the present day and the things you can do to improve your situation step by step, but don't look in the far future. I'm sure you will find a way if you keep going!

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