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caregiver appreciation post!!


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Apologies if there's already a current thread like this somewhere, but I was thinking we could make one just to show/express why our caregivers are amazing!!




My daddy and I saw a bug last night in my bedroom and I texted him tonight for comfort and this is what I got!! I love him so much. he's always willing to get on my level, and it makes me feel so understood and accepted


Share whatever you want, pictures/drawings/stories etc. uwu


(none of the mods are gonna kill me for using imgur, right?¿)

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I was traveling over the weekend and as soon as I came home I just collapsed in bed and feel asleep. When I woke up, my Daddy brought me some fast food because I told him I didn't feel like cooking and we watched a movie together and cuddled. Even though this might seem like nothing to other people, it really meant a lot to me because I knew my Daddy was thinking of me!

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I had a really, really bad morning.  There was lots of fear, and anxiety, and tears.  However, my Daddy said that we can have strawberry shortcake for dinner tonight!  I was a good girl and also picked up some salad and chicken to eat at the store, but mostly strawberry shortcake.  He's the bestest and I love him. 

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