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How do you task/reward/punish a middle?


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How do you punish or reward your middle? And what tasks do you assign them? I'm new and trying my best to do well, but I'm finding very little information to aid in the caregiving of a middle, it all seems to be geared more towards littles. Help?
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Hello, middle here!

A lot of the little advice can be applied to your middle depending on their personality, at least to certain degree. All middles are littles but not all littles are middles kind of deal.


My "little" age is about 12 but I am very playful and childish, also very sexually curious... if it wasn't for this last part I would guess I am about 8. A lot of tween stuff applies to me with tasks, you can trust me to be able to handle cooking for example even in little space but not something super fancy (which I can do usually).


Perhaps search for tasks toddler friendly and work your way up from there as your middle might be closer to a toddler than a tween. And I mean real toddlers tasks, it doesn't have to be a kinky site.


For rewards obviously anything you notice they like will do, it can be doing something together, buying them stickers, sexual stuff, their favorite snack or if you do a chore chart then a stamp or something to work towards a bigger price.


Punishments are things they don't like, stuff they find annoying or boring. Not stuff that goes past their hard limits, for example if they said no anal play then you don't go there, not even as punishment. If it was mentioned as a soft limit then if they were really bad you could tease them a bit with it.


And then there is Funishment, which are punishments they actually enjoy and you give those when they are being playful and a bit of a brat, smart ass or clingy for your attention.

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Guest Acenya

I'm a middle (10-12) - these are what I find suitable personally for me, I figure they're quite generic guidelines but a lot of it works for both littles and middles.




I never encourage restricting contact as a punishment.*

Generally if it's possible to connect the punishment to middle's misbehaviour in a way that makes them learn what they did wrong, then I recommend that. (For example if a middle stays up past bed time, their punishment is going to bed early the next day.)

  • Less time online or on phone (for instance, if your standard is two hours per day, you'll have one hour instead)
  • No playing games
  • Spanking (Cliché, but hey... it works)
  • Extra household chores (doing laundry, setting up the table for dinner and cleaning up afterwards, vacuuming, etc.)
  • No sweets, dessert, soft drinks
  • Writing a list about the thing that you're punished for, explaining why you misbehaved and how it possibly feels for your caregiver
  • Restricted masturbation, orgasm denial or no naughty fun in general
  • Earning forgiveness by doing something that caregiver really likes (dirty or nice)
  • No pet names for a specific period of time



You know your little best! Focus on the things that you know they enjoy and appreciate.

  • More online/phone time
  • Movie night (middle/little gets to choose what to watch!)
  • Later bed time
  • Go on a date
  • Take your middle/little somewhere they like (favourite coffee shop, the zoo, clothing store, etc.)
  • Cute bath with a bath bomb or lots of bubbles
  • Buy them something they like (a new dress, a set of panties, a journal, stickers, a stuffie, etc.)
  • Take them out to eat
  • Let them get their nails/hair done
  • "Special playtime"
  • Drown them in compliments and physical intimacy (hugs, kisses, cuddles, etc.)



Depending on middle's age, they can be very efficient in general household chores. (Maybe with a bit of assistance of a caregiver!)

  • Make bed
  • Change sheets
  • Organize closet
  • Sweep and vacuum bedroom
  • Go through your things and throw away everything you don't need anymore
  • Water plants
  • Brush pet's fur
  • Do laundry
  • Take out trash
  • Bake something cute (with caregiver if it's too challenging!)
  • Take care of personal hygiene (regular showers, washing face everyday, removing make-up, brushing teeth, washing hands)
  • Make and pack lunch for yourself (and for caregiver!)
  • Stay hydrated and eat regularly
  • Take your medicine (if needed)
  • Walk pets
  • Clean up art supplies/toys after you use them
  • Set up dinner table and clean it up afterwards
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No smokes till they do the dishes, one marlboro gold every minute. Quantity may overstep quality, so just make them do it again and save your s/o a victory smoke

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