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Code word


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I work at a toy store and from time to time we have people who I’m sure are Littles with their caregivers and I was wondering if we could come up with some type of code word to be like hello I too am a little.
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It's an interesting idea but one that I'm not sure would really work. Personally I would be very uncomfortable if someone I never had met before came up to me out of the blue like that, code word or not.


Being a little is something I share with my Wife and Daddy. Having someone try to initiate a conversation or even just a sign of recognition without any heads up would feel weird and uncomfortable to me and I pretty much guarantee I would not respond.


That doesn't mean it wouldn't be something other people may not want but just be aware you could make people very uncomfortable, even if you are correct and they are a little.


Little kaiya

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Guest daddy'ssweetpea

I saw somewhere you can say I have a little question and if they answer I have a little answer then they are letting you know they are little.

I also saw if they or you draw a crown on the back of the hand that can mean they are little too.

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This is a cute idea. A woman used to come into my job and always get kids films. She also had a kids backpack and would come in with a bf? They would display Ddlg type behavior. The last few times she came wearing a glitter encrusted dog collar with a heart lock. I was dying to know if she was a little too. Ofc I didn't want to make her uncomfy by asking, so a code word would be really cool!
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