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Littles on their own


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So I’m pretty sure I’ve seen others on here that don’t have a caregiver yet and I thought talking about it would be nice. I’m really new and have only really been Little by myself. I live with my parents so that only makes it harder to be Little right now too. I use music and shows to get myself in Little space and sometimes certain TikTok’s. How do you guys do it? We can talk about all aspects of being a Little by yourself.
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Because my girlfriend (we're switches) actually struggles with me being Little (she gets jealous whenever she sees someone else, who isn't an actual child, act small and dress cute, due to personal reasons, in which we're currently trying to work through, but it's going to take a long time), I have to regress by myself.


- I love watching the Pokemon series on Netflix (it's what actually recently got me into Pokemon, ahah), or general family/kids' shows. Steven Universe and Teen Titans Go! are other shows that I love watching.

- I'll get snacks like rainbow paddlepop ice creams, coloured popcorn, Kinder chocolate, mini M&Ms, etc., and I'll eat them while I watch shows on Netflix.

- I'll go on a little iPhone social avatar game called Highrise, or ZEPETO.

- I'll keep a paci on me and have it in my mouth, if I'm feeling young enough, whenever I feel my mum isn't going to see me.

- And stuffies! Stuffies are great, especially when you're by yourself, because they can feel like friends and company and support. I'll generally have one stuffie that I'll take around with me everywhere.

- Music is also a big one for me, too! I'll generally listen to one of my littlespace playlists on Spotify, or I'll listen to an artist whose music I'm into at the time and that makes me feel Little.

- Dressing in pastel colours also helps, or alternatively staying in pyjamas all day if you're not going anywhere. Outfits are a big part of my self-expression and identity, so I like to spend lots of time dressing youthfully and styling my hair or wearing flower crows, and even doing my makeup sometimes—like I did here:



- Because we still use the dishes from when I was young, I tend to try and save them for when I'm regressed, because eating in plastic Nemo bowls and flower plates makes me feel more Little.

- I also like to go on this site called Second Life, which is an avatar game for adults. They have a pretty big kink community on there, and the content (clothes, locations, accessories, basically everything) is user-created, so I like to dress my avatar to look really Little, and walk around in a places that are DDLG-friendly. But it can be hard if you're regressed so much that you're strictly non-sexual and you might find something sexual on there and it might make you feel uncomfortable. 

- I'll sometimes play video games when I'm regressed. I have Game Pass on Xbox One, and I'll just scroll through the games until I'll find something that I might be comfortable with. I like playing Thomas Was Alone. Or GTA Online, surprisingly, but that's because I like the RC races, it feels fun and youthful. And also all my cars are pink or blue and I have some rather Littlish outfits for my character.

- Colouring-in!! Especially with crayons! Or even just drawing.


And talking with other Littles, making friends, and finding a community (like this forum, or a server on Discord) helps me HEAPS! If you'd like a Little buddy, I'd be more than happy to be friends ^-^


I hope this helps! :) If you want any more show recommendations, or song recommendations (here's my Spotify, although some of the songs in my Little playlists are NSFW. The Little playlists are "starry" (fully SFW), "quiet", "needy", and "literal little"), just let me know and I'll reply with some more :)


(Also, I haven't added covers to my latest playlists yet >////< I'm working on them, ahah)

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That was a lot! I use my Pacifier when I know my parents aren’t gonna come out. I just watched Tangled the series for a bit and I’m totally feeling the needy from that Spotify title. I titled my Little playlist “Childhood” cause it’s just a bunch of children’s songs on iTunes from like Disney and stuff. I’d love a Little friend! I don’t have a lot of those. And video games are awesome, I wanna get more Little friendly ones. But I do have Mario kart for the Switch.
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I dont have a Caregiver and I live with my parents, it is super hard to get into little space. So I use movies and toys and even certain clothes for the slightest amount of little time.

I dont have any little objects for myself because I dont want to get caught out. That makes it hard as well.

I wish I had a Daddy to take care of me but I can make it on my own at the moment.

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