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i could use some advice


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so currently my daddy and i are living with family due to us fixing up our home so we cant really live in it during the reno, but due to this i cant be a little which is starting to really upset me. so i was wondering if any other littles had advice on how i can feel little when i cant really act like a little, all of my little stuff is in storage till we have everything done at our house. also thank you in advance for the help.

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There are times Littles can't fully go into head space but want to  - people around, social situation etc.  Make it into a Little game with your DD. Develop simple private codes that you can use to each other (like squeezing hands or fingers) so that DD can know you would like to (but cant fully) and he can "speak" back.


Even in a crowded room you can give your DD a look with your eyes that only he will recognise. 


It could be like being a Little secret agent.


Best of Luck



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Guest daddy'ssweetpea
Maybe go on little dates? Go yo the park, zoo, aquarium, or insert what you enjoy. Are there little events near you that you could attend?
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Guest SheepishPrince

I live with family and cant be openly little right now, but when i do go into little space i make sure im in my bedroom with the door shut and i try to be really quiet too!

ill suck on my thumb and watch cartoons or play with small, easily hide-able toys quietly 

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Guest ~*BabyDoll*~

I can totally relate to this as I get into little space very very easily!


Personally, Daddy and I always leave or go somewhere else where I can feel more like myself as a little!


Our favorite is a local drive in theater! It has an arcade and we make a bed in the back of his car and snuggle and watch movies!


Or if you would rather not go out, just lock yourselves up in your rooms, watch some movies (Maybe add some popcorn or pizza or a bunch of fun and little space loving snacks!), and just snuggle and be yourselves! 


Best of luck to the both of you! xx

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