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    pacifier use with invisalign? dental questions

    paci braces wisdom teeth

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    #1 Moosebaby142



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    Posted 18 August 2019 - 01:07 AM

    Growing up is tough! as iv got older (21 now) i clench my teeth at night & my cross bite has become worse  causing pain & clicking  in my jaw. After i get my wisdom teeth removed ill likely be starting my journey with Invisalign. I am actually really excited to see if it helps with the tension in my jaw long term to have a bite that fits together right! there is one problem though i am  terrified of the wisdom teeth removal, for a couple reasons. the first being i have never had laughing gas or been put under, i do not know what to expect & all the videos on YouTube of people after the procedure are horrifying to me. i am worried about so much, im worried i might be thrust into little space or say something of that nature in-front of my mom. i live with my boyfriend & will be recouping at home with him but i bet my mom will be bringing me & taking me back from the appointment. i am not afraid to say anything infront of my boyfriend, he doesnt exactly know im a little cause ive never really told him but im little around him a lot & i dont think he would be phased if i pulled out the daddy word in such a vulnerable & hurting state, he assures me well go get a smoothie & hell take good care of me. 


    My questions for you lovely people are what was your experience like getting wisdom teeth removed, or a similar procedure where they put you under or make you loopy? is there anything i can do to prepare myself or will i just be super high on dentist drugs & not know what im saying? whats the worst that could happen?

    im also afraid of the pain in the days after, how did you all cope? 



    and lastly when i do start using invisalign is it a good idea to continue pacifier use? anyone with invisalign id love to hear any of your stories & input about it. i figure if the pacifier is adult sized & fits & sits good in my mouth then there wouldnt be an issue & might even aid in making my mouth comfortable? just dont wanna compromise any of the positive results im looking for. 

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    #2 TinyTea


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    Posted 18 August 2019 - 07:11 AM

    *Cracks the nuckles.* Oh boy! Ssmething I can answer! 

    So I've had my wisdom teeth pulled out a few months ago, all four in one shot, and one had a heavy infection festering under it. I wasn't put under, just local numbing. IF you're really afraid of saying something dumb you may want to ask your dentist if he can just do that for you. Another added bonus is its way cheaper that way too! 

    As for pacifiers I have nothing to add, sorry, I don't personally use them. I hope your procedure goes well for you! I highly recommend sherbet since you'll be on a liquid diet for a couple of days.

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    #3 CodeName: Trouble

    CodeName: Trouble

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    Posted 18 August 2019 - 12:41 PM

    Hullo! I'm Trouble, and about a year ago I got my widsom teeth out! They put me under fully, along with giving me anxiety medication and laughing gas. I was full of the loopy meds. XD but I am happy to report that even with all that, I did not have an experiance like those videos on YouTube of people being all silly. When I came around I was honestly just grumpy as heck from being so groggy, but I do remember waking up and I had control over myself. For me - it wasnt anything like those videos portrayed it to be. Everyone reacts to medication differently, and while it may make your perception of the world a little odd while its wearing off, I dont think it will make you completely unaware of your actions.


    On the topic of Invisalign, I am actually, as of almost a year ago as well, part of the oh so popular adult braces club. I sadly DO NOT recommend using binkies/pacis when your teeth are being moved. After you get your wisdom teeth out, you shouldnt suck on ANYTHING until the stitches are gone and its healed up some, so it might be a good idea to ween yourself off it a bit before then if you rely on it heavily. I do have a binkie, but I use it very minimally because I'm scared to compromise all the work the braces are doing. Invisalign may be "okay" with it, but my suggestion is not to risk it. Teeth work is expensive as heck, and a few months without a paci is definetly worth it in the long run. I know it has been for me so far!  :D


    *glitter* Good luck, and try not to worry to much!  *glitter*

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    #4 Daddy-Tom


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    Posted 18 August 2019 - 06:27 PM

    I had my wisdom teeth out and they used laughing gas. I didn't remember a thing that happened and I was fine afterwards. People make too big a deal about it because they hate the dentist ^_^
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    #5 Teasing Tink

    Teasing Tink

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    Posted 18 August 2019 - 08:01 PM

    When I got my wisdom teeth out, I got laughing gas and then was put fully under. I was super nervous beforehand which likely influenced my own experience. I've never smoked weed before but I reckon I'd be one of those people who would became paranoid if I ever smoked the stuff lol. That being said, I was pretty hyper aware of things going on with the laughing gas and I didn't particularly enjoy it -- most likely because I was so damn nervous. I think the nurse must have immediately realized how I felt because she asked me if it was too much lol. It made me feel like the whole room was "beating" down on me. It's hard to explain. I guess a better way to describe it is like the room felt like it was vibrating? I remember going in and out of the room so to speak...almost like being aware of a warped version of the room and then going into my dream space where I would deliberately make up stuff to distract myself while I was waiting and then coming back into the room again. I remember hearing my doctor talk to a patient in the other room (which sounded sort of like nonsense) and feeling like I was waiting forever for her to finish lol.


    Once I adapted to how the laughing gas felt, I just sort of tried to embrace/relax into the rhythm of it and just accept it which helped me relax. So my biggest advice would just be to try to relax because I think your emotions have an affect on your experience. So some people might become super loopy and say silly things but maybe that's because they were already a rather open/silly person lol. I'm generally a pretty guarded/shy person around strangers myself so that side of me didn't come out.


    That being said, when I was put under for another procedure where I had to get some other permanent teeth taken out, I said "mommy" out loud multiple times because I was scared because at one point my dream space consisted of nothing but darkness which freaked me out because I thought I was trapped/dead lol. It wasn't like that the whole time though. I also remember "dreaming" about the wall in front of me which makes sense because apparently my eyes were open for part of the time while I was sleeping lol. 


    As for pain afterwards, I basically had zero pain/discomfort which surprised me (I have a low pain tolerance so I'd be honest if I was in pain lol). So I guess my doctor just did a really good job. I also had very little swelling. I was so happy about being so pain free afterwards that I played basketball when I got home which my doctor reprimanded me for the next day because your jaw is weak after surgery so it can easily break if you're not careful. So yeah, don't be an idiot like me and exercise or anything like that afterwards lol. I remember rinsing with salt water for a few weeks and eating mostly liquid stuff like soup. That's about it. I'm sure your experience will go just fine and you have nothing to worry about. If a neurotic weirdo like me can relax and embrace the experience, so can you. 

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