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Care Givers' (Daddy, Mommy, ect.) Birthday!!


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Hey hey peoples!! So I got a VERY important questions for all of yous!


:) What do you like to do to give your Caregiver (Daddy, Mommy, ect.)  a "little" surprise on their birthday!? 

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Guest ~*BabyDoll*~

I am a sucker for spoiling my Daddy when I can... ! For this birthday, I make him breakfast and we watch movies till about dinner time, then we escape for dinner! But that isn't all... I always give him a card with scratch off tickets (He likes them, but I love watching him scratch them for some reason heh..)! But then I give him tickets to his favorite hockey teams game! Luckily we live about 1 hour away from his favorite teams stadium, so I get him tickets right in front of the ice! Of course we can't go till Hockey season starts... But he gets them every year and he gets super excited every year! But this year I am also taking him to a concert in Chicago as well as a Hockey game! So... I spoil him to the best of my abilities heh...

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