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Hi, I'm new on here. I've read through the topics a bit and if I missed it I'm sowwy. I wanted to discuss remembering rules. I am the world's worst at remembering to tell my Daddy when I go places and get back. I think he's getting discouraged with me. But I'm trying really hard to always remember.

Are there other babygirls out there with this problem , or have overcame this? What rules have you had trouble remembering?

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I have memory problems stemming from past TBIs, and one thing that helps me is having things that mean something to me as reminders. For example, one thing I struggle remembering is saying my daily prayers on time (I'm an orthodox Muslim). I got myself a ring, and whenever I see it I check in with myself if I've said my prayers for whatever time of day it is, and I'll say them if I need to. For your specific problem I would say put something by your front door where you'll see it every time you leave the house and every time you get home, so that every time you see it you'll remember to check in with your Daddy. It doesn't have to be anything that anyone else would understand -- it could be a keyhook or something, and every time you take your keys off or put them on you'll remember to check in.

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I also subscribe to the above. May I also suggest putting a bell on the handle of your doorknob. Like a jingling bell. It's very common to have them for security reasons, like in stores and I used to put bells on my daughter's door when she was younger (I'm a light sleeper.) But every time you hear that bell (assuming you're opening or closing your front door.) you do what needs to be done, and no one is the wiser. :) 

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