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Homework Sites?


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Hi, I love doing homework in my little space. Right now I only have a couple of workbooks that I bought at a garage sale and a brain quest workbook. The two from the garage sale are math related and the Brainquest one is mostly math and English. I'm kinda low on funds but I want to branch out into Social Studies and Science, maybe a bit more English/Grammar stuff.


Anyone here have any ideas for homework sites or places to get free printables? I'm look for 3rd to 5th grade . I tried Khan Academy, it's pretty cool but I prefer to work with pen and paper.

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I used to play JumpStart PC games when I was a kid, and my mum would buy us the workbooks to work on over summer break. I think their curriculums have changed a bit since then, but they have a number of worksheets on their website in different subjects, including social studies and science. 


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Some of my friends are using Bartleby for their kids. I hear it has explanations to textbook problems or questions. I also think it works on a monthly subscription model. However, be sure to use these resources wisely. Teachers/professors don't really like it when students use homework sites. They fear plagiarism, and almost all of them run assignments through software to detect it. Hope you find the site useful! All the best.

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I'm not too sure how things work outside of my state of New York, but if you're in America chances are there is state testing for those grades. You could try hitting up the local library for practice books for those tests and scan/print.
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Using homework books? Sounds nasty :) I also prefer to use pen and paper instead of clicking the keyboard/mouse. It reminds me of my childhood and those careless school days. But, I must admit, that nowadays educational sites are very decent. Recently, I finished studying English on englishlinx.com. Maybe soon I will find something to learn basic math. My loved one likes when I study something, especially in my school outfit. Sometimes we even do homework together, but I barely finish something during that "lessons".

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