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    Penny's Rosebud (A RWBY Fanfiction)

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    Posted 11 September 2019 - 12:18 PM

    Part One


    It was a bright sunny day in the world of Remnant, a very exciting sunny day for a particular android girl. Today her father was allowing her to transfer to Beacon Academy from her home town’s School of Atlas. She had always wanted to go to Beacon because it was a very special school.


    You see, Beacon was a school for caretakers and littles. Littles were like children, only they were physically not children at all! They were adults and teenagers that enjoyed being treated as Toddlers or even younger based on a biological need to regress. It was something Penny had taken a great interest in studying over robotics. Don’t get her wrong, Penny loved robotics and was a natural at that.


    But she felt she could be more. She wanted to make a friend, and there seemed not to be a better friend to make than that of a little! Littles were considered “cute” as she researched and were naturally good people, so who better to make a friend? Penny found that question to be inconclusive. So it was with that ideation that she began to research how to care for a little one, and then she felt… different.


    Upon running a diagnostic of her BIOS she found nothing wrong, but she still felt… an urge is the only way she could describe it. To hold a little one and see to their needs as what Penny knew was a caretaker. It took weeks of convincing her father that the urge was both real and that she was capable to convince him, but he had said Yes! And so she applied and was accepted into Beacon Academy for Caregivers and Littles.


    Penny had taken a test to advance in the course, so she could get a little one of her own to take care of right away! And as she just found out, she’d passed! So well in fact that she would have an option of the youngest mindset in an available little! She was introduced to many little ones, but was drawn to the little one that was the youngest both physically and mentally. She was only 18 while the others were 20. She got in with her outstanding academics in mathematics. A fact that Penny adored. You see, littles were more mentally advanced than regular people, they just had different ways of showing it. Usually in something of a code that the caretakers could decipher. And thus the widespread acceptance and bond between littles and caretakers were born.


    The little, that Penny couldn’t take her eyes off of had red highlights in her hair, something that wasn’t a bad trait by any means, and was not too uncommon in littles, especially those who played with gender. But the thing that caught Penny’s attention were those silver eyes. Sharpness and intelligence shown from them, something Penny had only seen in her own father. Yes, Penny was sure this was the one. In her papers she saw Ruby was female presenting Non-binary, so the highlights made sense demographically. Also that along with mathematics, Ruby was skilled in robotics. Father would love her as a granddaughter! Penny daydreamed of eventually bonding with Ruby enough to take them on as their little after graduation as she signed the forms to be Ruby’s caretaker for the year.

    End Part One
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    Posted 11 September 2019 - 12:21 PM

    Really good so far!!!

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    Posted 17 September 2019 - 01:31 PM

    Part Two


    Ruby watched through the glass that separated the caretakers and littles, much like looking through the room where hospitals keep all the babies in movies. Ruby hated being in the bassinet and in that room. She wasn’t a baby. Why would no one listen! She laid in her Ruby sized bassinet, watching Penny through the glass, Ruby found the girl very pretty, blushing slightly as the girl seemed to stare at her. She waved shyly to make sure it was her she was looking at. And the girl waved back! Was she getting chosen? Why was she excited about this?


    Penny smiled brightly as Ruby waved at her, oh this little one was just too cute! Penny immediately began filling out the proper paperwork to sign out Ruby for the year. The Headmistress smiled at her, telling Penny that she felt Ruby would be a great fit for a girl such as Penny. Penny knew the road ahead would be difficult, but she also knew that the reward of a little one to love would be worth it.


    Within an hour Ruby was put in a private play area to bond a bit with Penny while their dorm room was set up. Ruby was playing with legos, building towers and knocking them over, giggling childishly as they fell. Penny entered the room with a soft smile, she approached Ruby carefully. She knew the proper ways to interact with a little from much studying. Soon she was playing with the young little, giggling along with her until Ruby rubbed their eyes sleepily.


    Penny smiled and gently picked the girl up, cradling her in her arms. She smiled down at the girl and started to rock her as the girl let out a sleepy yawn and shut her eyes.


    When Ruby awoke she was in a crib again, but a different one, in a different room. The room was colorful and pretty like the other room, but with different colors. Suddenly the door opened and in walked Penny, holding a bottle. Ruby got up and sat on her knees, reaching for Penny to pick her up out of the crib.


    “Oh good morning my little one” She said and hummed as she slipped the teat of the bottle into Ruby’s awaiting mouth. Ruby suckled on the bottle as she drank the milk until it was empty. Once it was, Penny lifted the girl over her shoulder and patted her back to burp her, earning her a hiccup-like burp from the little one. Penny held the girl to face her and smiled. “Good girl, now it’s time to get you ready for class” She said, carrying her to the changing table.


    Ruby blushed red as she was changed, not yet used to it. But she got through it and now Penny was helping her dress in her school uniform. Soon enough, Ruby was dressed and they departed for Ruby’s first class of the day. Her favorite subject. Math

    End Part Two

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