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Games/bedtime games for text chat only???


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After talking to a little for a few days(4 or so) and having a great time, we have not yet used voice chat yet. I do however want to play games with her and makes sure she gets to play bedtime games with me. I just appear to be very bad at thinking of games to play. I could think of a few games with voice chat etc and if I would be there irl but right now I need help finding games to play with only text chat.


Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? I havent yet found many games she likes and I just need some ideas, if it's not too much to ask! 



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Roleplaying games are quite fun, not necessarily kinky or naughty ones but like RP's with fictional characters you both like.

You could play I, Spy on Skype perhaps?

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One could try playing hang man, of a sort.


For example, it would be slow to type, but you could do something like:


====== (the number of lives, 12, roughly similar to the number of lines including circles that make up the gallows)


_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Little says: "E"




_ _ _ _ _ _ E


Little says "Z"


=====- (one life gone)


_ _ _ _ _ _ E


and so on.


(FYI: Word is Jasmine, as in the princess, so no one loses any sleep over that.)

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Guest Daddy's☆treasure
You could create a story together. Especially at bedtime! For instance you might start the story with "Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess...." and then she writes the next line and so on. Both of you may have different ideas of how you want the story to end so it can become a lot of fun! =)
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Here's some text games, these can be as naughty or cute as you like :-)


- Word association games - like each takes a turn to name an animal while moving through the alphabet, or animals with a certain attribute, or your word must start with the last letter of their word etc


- Variation on word association - try and make a story one word at a time - each person offers one word and you have to build on the last word to make a story. Can get weird quickly!


- Would you rather... crazy option A or crazy option B? for ideas of options see for instance http://either.io


- Guess the picture - you pic a random image off the web and they have to guess it just from your description (more points for fewer clues!)


- Guess the song/movie - from a line of dialogue or a lyric


- Who knows the other best? - take turns to test how well you know each other (kind of the inverse of 20 questions!)


- Guess the character - you both secretly choose a famous character and then pretend to be them, the other has to try and guess who it is by asking questions. The tricky bit is that you must pretend to be the character in your answer (answer like they would) without giving away who the character is!


- Truth or dare (mostly going to be 'truth' over text... but not necessarily...)


I really like making up a story where I'm kind of holding the tale together but they are driving it -  they choose the main character and then after each bit of story I ask them to guess what happens next, sometime using their suggestion and sometimes turning it on its head. A surprise twist at the end is always good! and nothing too scary for littles at bedtime (unless they really like their monsters and dark tales)!

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