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Daddy's Birthday!


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Hey guys! This weekend is gonna be super special (and a little sad) because it's my Daddy's birthday on Saturday, and our two year anniversary on Sunday. However on Sunday he also has to leave to go to college 160 miles away   :( which I'm sure is going to be a pretty emotional experience for the both of us

Sooooo I really want to make sure we both have the time of our lives and I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on what I could do for him?? :wub:  Thank youuuu!

EDIT: We're both students, so unfortunately we don't have too much money to spend. So if anyone has any affordable ideas that would be awesome :D

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I suppose it depends on his personality! Maybe you could tell us some of his interests or hobbies?


For Valentines Day when I had very little money I decorated a cardboard box and filled it with pretty tissue paper on the inside.

Inside I put in some little, cute, cheap presents:

One picture of us drawn by me

A little framed photo of us

A book of vouchers like 'One free back rub' etc

Haribo hearts (his favourite)

A pack of cards, with a reason why I love him written on the back of each heart card

Ooooooooh! These are such amazing creative ideas! Thank you so much!! I especially like the cards one!


I would definitely describe my Daddy as a BIG GIANT SCIENCE NERD! He will be studying geology at uni and he loves anything that will educate him (especially if it could be described as a physical science). He also very much likes survival type stuff (learning how to make shelters and fires, that sort of stuff) and I bought him some handy lil tools a couple days ago that he was very happy with. AAAND he's into planes and learning to fly and learning about all the different types of planes that have ever existed hehe.

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One year for my bio dads birthday I got him a little toy Porche. Now he always joked he wanted a Porche so the gift tag said until you can get a real one. Maybe you could get a little plane toy for something similar?
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Guest MyDaddyMyWorld

You don't need gifts that cost money or grand gestures. Make him a cake by hand. Simple ingredients don't cost the earth. Get some of the squeezy coloured icing that is really cheap and write "for dadfy" on it or something. Or even just some cookies or even one cookie! You don't have to be a great cook, its effort and thought. Just do something close and very simple, like cuddle up and watch a movie.

Write him a poem. Again, it's not about talent. Even if you think its terrible it shows you care enough to try!

Do a fun treasure hunt thing. Leave a few notes around, then let the actual prize be you! My first serious boyfriend did that to me almost thirty years ago and I still remember it. It was so sweet.

Cook him his favourite meal, or just make him his favourite sandwich.

You can put all of these things together to cover that whole day. He will love it and it wont cost much at all.

Oh, and of course....make him a card!

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