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Thoughts on Friending


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Hey everyone,


I've noticed a pattern of people on here misusing and misunderstanding our friending feature. For example someone will join, and suddenly a few days later they have 20+ friends, and usually these friends will either be all Littles, or all Daddies; depending on what the person is looking for. I think friending on here should be used like it is on Facebook (where you usually only send/accept a friend request if you've had a prior positive interaction with that person).


But some of you aren't using the friending system the way it was intended to be used. Some of you are either sending out lots of friend requests to people you've had no interaction with, or you're just accepting friend requests from everyone. In fact there's a whole bunch of users who never come on chat, rarely post, and yet they have lots of "friends" on here and are always online and using our private messaging system. I don't know what these people are doing with each other, but I'm sure a lot of them are probably predators, minors, or just previously banned members on new accounts trying to "lay low".


I'm not going to have any rules against this, but I just want some of you guys to take more care in who you choose to befriend. Befriending users on here is not just for show; your friends can private message you through the chat or the forum, and they can see your Kik/Skype usernames if you have these filled out in your profile. We've given you the tools to be safe on here, and it's up to you to use them properly to make sure dangerous people can't interact with you.


P.S: Yes I know I have like 100+ "friends" on here, but the friends feature is pointless for me because anyone who isn't my friend can still contact me through private message, so I don't give up anything by accepting random friend requests. This isn't the case for regular users though.


Thank you.  <3

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