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  • "the angels love" a poem for my love on our anniversary

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    Posted 13 January 2020 - 01:54 PM

    so, this is a little poem i wrote for my partner. basically talking about how my life was before, and after meeting her


    i don't think it's that good but she seemed to love it, so i'm gonna post it... please don't be mean if you don't think it's at least decent       


    although some feedback would be nice 












    She was unsure,

    Unsure of what she was meant to do 

    She questioned everything she did


    She was popular but yet, still alone,

    Never alone but empty 

    She smiled and laughed 

    But it was all fake


    She had cuts and bruises 

    checkered over her body 

    Felt she deserved the pain 

    Like that was all she was

     Was the pain


    She always felt out of place wherever she went 

    Even in her own house 

    With her family & her friends 

    Out of place 


    She tried to end her life

    Many times she tried 

    She never seen what she could be 

    She could never really see herself being older

    Even just a week older

    Always thought she’d be dead before the next week came around


    She looked happy

    But it was fake 

    She didn’t know what to do 

    She felt lost and alone 


    Till she met an angel 

    Although the angel didn’t see it

    She had helped her get out of the dark hole she was in 


    She made her smile and laugh 

    Not fake, real and sweet 


    She liked the angel

    She felt safe 


    And in time she began to love the angel 

    She didn’t realize it at first 

    She never knew what it felt like 

          To love 

    She told herself it was just a crush 

    That it would go away


    But her feelings grew stronger 

    so she told the angel how she felt 

    And the angel felt the same 


    They started dating and quickly things began to change 


    Her cuts & bruises stopped 

    She didn’t feel alone anymore

    Her missing piece was found 

    She felt happy all the time 

    Her laugh was never fake 

            She was loved 


              She was safe 

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