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Need help making rules


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What bunny said, not every little is the same and not every rule will work with every little for example here would be a genaric one

"Has to be in bed by 11:00pm" okay but if your dating someone that works night shifts or has night classes that rule is null in void and can't be applied

Rules never come first anyway at least how I see it this is how it should go




DD/lg Dynamic

More coummincation



Apply rules


If your not in a relationship yet you shouldn't have rules for anyone but yourself at the moment becuse again you can say genaric things like "bed by 10:00" or "needs to sit at daddys feet" but then if your dating long distance or a night owl those rules would have to be fixed up anyway

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Guest MyDaddyMyWorld

Yeah, you are kind of putting the cart before the horse here. Rules are made best when you are starting to get to know someone. There is no reason to go into a new relationship with a list of set rules.

For instance I am diabetic, so if a rule already set was "nothing sweet after eight pm", that would cause huge problems lol. Thats a very specific example, but it gets the point across.

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