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Negative space..


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Hey everyone, i could use a little advice, or some inside info, if any one has any. I've only accepted that i have a little / middle since the start of the year, so a few months now, and usually i can slip in and out of my head spaces really smoothly, even my Daddy has commented on it. And its always been a safe place up until yesterday. I had some hard thoughts in my head from the night before, which i guess i hadn't fully got done processing. Any way, i was sat on the sofa, and i could feel my self slipping, but all of a sudden, it felt like i was being dragged there, and it felt like a dark place, and menacing, and not somewhere i wanted to go, now this is gonna sound crazy, but it honestly felt like a tangible experience, i could see this huge dark hole, and i was dangling down in to it, my fingers on the very edges. I had to physically fight to not let my self go into a head space and to stay big. It messed up my head for almost the entire day, and i haven't really felt little since. Has any body else had anything similar? What triggered it? Can little space be a dark place too? I always thought it would be some where warm and welcoming, and definitely not like it was yesterday.  It kinda scared me a little bit :/ 

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Wow, that sounds like a very intense experience. I have never experienced anything like what you described, but I believe you.


Based on my research on similar topics and reading about individuals experience entering and experiencing little space. I would describe little space as a form of meditation for some individuals. However, what a lot of people don't realize is that there is a dark side to meditation. Meditation brings up emotions and memories you may have suppressed in the past, and that can lead to a deluge of negative feelings that can be hard to handle. Here is an interesting article on the dark side of meditation: https://www.google.com/amp/s/qz.com/993465/theres-a-dark-side-to-meditation-that-no-one-talks-about/amp/


Do some research on it. Also, have a game plan ready with your Daddy to get you out of the headspace if the negative feelings start surfacing. Keep a journal with you and write down what you where doing, watching, listening, feeling, etc. when those feelings and reactions surface.


Sending you good vibes and a big hug.

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Guest DaddysTinyPrincess

Ive gotten very very sad in little space for what seems like no reason but haven't ever experienced something like this....very scary 

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