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little seeking advice! does my bf seem to be a cg?


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hi! im new here. sorry if im putting this in the wrong spot.


my bf and i have been dating for 11 months. he’s 19, im 18. we spend a great deal of time together when we aren’t working and he isn’t in class. all my friends like him, we have a very stable and healthy relationship.


a few months ago, about 8 months into our relationship, i confided in him that it makes me feel really nice when he babies me. i elaborated on the specific stuff that he was doing that i liked. i told him it’s a non sexual thing for me and i understand if he didn’t want to participate in that but i would appreciate it if he was open to it.


see, he already does some stuff that a daddy would. he baby talks me sometimes, he’s stern with me if im being silly or bratty, he gets me stuffies and will snuggle them with me. he lets me suck his thumb and he just offers it to me a lot of the time when we cuddle. he almost exclusively calls me baby but he also calls me his little baby too. if i do grabby hands he picks me up and bounces me around. he lets me sit on his lap and he rocks me sometimes. there was one time he referred to himself as daddy but it like surprised me so i looked at him funny and he hasn’t done it since :(


he was on board with the non sexual stuff but whenever i regress around him it’s usually just cuddling with stuffies and watching cartoons or napping. i spoke to him about trying more things like cute cups, watching more cartoons, coloring, and just generally having more “stuffy time”. he is fine with that too.


ive never explicitly said the words daddy, little, ddlg etc in reference to this stuff. ive always tried to put it in an easy to understand way so i don’t wanna use kink language. but i feel like when i do that i understate my feelings and desires and that’s making him unable to understand me.


i think he’s ok with us doing little stuff, but i want to do stuff like pacis, sippy cups, stuffies, cute outfits, spankings, etc. more traditional ddlg roles.


personally im not open to having a sexual ddlg relationship rn due to things I’ve been through but ive noticed the last few times we’ve had “stuffy time” he’s been hard. so maybe he is into it, even sexually?


im curious as to what anyone thinks and how i should approach him to deepen this part of our relationship.

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The key to any successful relationship is always going to be communication. Sounds like the two of you have a lot of great things going on together and I'm sure your partner would be quite receptive if you addressed it directly


"There are a lot of things about our relationship that I really like. They make me feel safe and close to you and I'd like to talk about whether or not we can incorporate other things"


Perhaps that's a good starting point for you.


Best of luck, it sounds like he's a keeper

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I agree with BurbsGuy! You should talk with your bf. He really does sound like a keeper and he sounds like a natural caregiver. :) 

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It really does sound like your BF is a natural caregiver. My experience is that lots of men do not understand what it means to be called 'daddy' in the context of a DDLG relationship, even if they are a wonderful caregiver. I feel you should try and have a conversation with your BF and ask him his feelings about everything he does for you. Ask him his feelings about anything sexually you may want to try. Tell him to honest with his feelings and remember those are his feelings and you need to accept them as such with out judgement. Ask him how he would feel if you were to do more traditional DDLG stuff. Again tell him to be honest and let him know that his feelings are as important as yours. It does sound like he is very receptive to make you happy and is very open minded.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

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