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Quick Talk about the Movie 365 days!


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I recently had came across a movie that was being reacted to by a lot of people on TikTok. I thought I would check it out and although it was not a movie that I will say is a must see I found that there was an awful lot of hype. I think it was probably even more hyped up then fifty shades of grey when it came to the audience who watched it. I will just say that I recommend it if you want to think of some fun things to add to your current relationship. For example the popular shower scene. However I felt that it was lacking in many aspects. The plot was bland and the character development was quick. Kind of reminds of the last air bender live action adaptation.


Anyway I was curious to know what you guys thought of it and how you felt about it? I am sure there is more to hate then love but I was curious to know if maybe some of you found some of the scenes intriguing. I am also curious to know what you guys would do to make it better or if their is an salvaging for this movie.


If you haven’t checked the movie out I recommend that you do so. It is easy to judge a movie based off a few scenes which I myself happened to do. I assumed it was a good movie but watching it a second time I could honestly see the distaste of the movie as a whole.

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Personally I hated it. I feel that it inaccurately portrayed BDSM relationships and romanticized non consent. In my opinion the plot was trash, but the sex scenes were really good. 

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I also hated it. It was worse than 50 Shades so far as misrepresentation of the BDSM community and that includes CNC.

Plus the whole "I won't do anything to you without your permission" while literally feeling her up, then proceeding to slam her into walls multiple times, force kiss her etc.

Way to give guys the wrong impression about what being Dominant means. (Sidenote: If anyone's using these kinda movies to educate themselves on CNC or BDSM, you're already doing it wrong. lol)


And for me, I really value intelligence and find it attractive. The constant broken English was stretching the Suspension of Disbelief too far. And that's not a dig at those whose 2nd language is English and they speak it poorly- this was a media production with a lot of money, they could have paid an English speaking person to review the script. Another nod in the direction of it just being about creating a more explicit and offensive 50 Shades movie.


It was just a way for Netflix to peddle porn.


I tried googling for reviews before watching too!! It was just pages and pages full of vanilla people reportedly complaining about it being "too hot for quarantine".

Just what even. I personally didn't expect to see the base of a dick and the chick's mons pubis.


I've seen k-dramas with better DD/lg vibes.


Also it made absolutely no sense that she was flirting with him and trying to give him boners, then when he wanted to do the intercourse with her she's all "no don't touch me huhuhuhu cri".

The characters, storyline- just everything about it was puzzling.


And the lead male character came across as a moron to me lol They kinda all did.

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Guest Carson_Daddy

Personally I agree with the replies. I didn't like it at all. I also agree with the fact that it's just a cheap way for Netflix to add to their young adult and old teenage audience. The storyline was bland without any real intriguing hook to start it off and give actual meaning to the movie. The easiest way to determine if the actual movie has any merit is by removing the reason it had so much hype. If there wasn't any BDSM related content I am positive the movie wouldn't have seen the Netflix Top 10. 


But rather than the movie itself, which is not my type of genre either way, is the fact that so many young adults and older teenagers are watching this movie now believing that this is true BDSM. I truly hope they see beyond the movie and ask themselves why Netflix made it and how Netflix tries to distort something like BDSM to whatever the movie portrays to gain easy views.

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I watched it yesterday for the same reason, the Tiktok responses. I thought it was garbage. I think the reason it gets hype is because two good looking people have a lot of sex openly... and for completely vanilla folks, it's still a bit taboo... a bit of a fantasy to be kidnapped by a billionaire who defends and protects you... but it's not a good representation at all, and yeah...  TRUE BDSM is all about consent from both parties... that was lacking in the whole first half... even though I agree with the comment above, that she was weirdly flirty and then pissy about it when he tried to take her. *Shrug* ... To me it just shows that sex still has shock value to a large part of the world. 

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personally i found both 365 days and shades of grey extremely triggering. not only are they suuuuper inaccurate, but it could really get a lot of people with ptsd(like myself) due to abuse a really bad day. being slammed and, lets call it what it really is, RAPED, isnt what i would call bdsm. its ALL trash and SUPER dangerous. if you find someone who does this and thinks this is ok, just run and or call the police. period. im sorry if any of this is triggering, thats definitely NOT my intention, but sheefs!

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