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Moving out of home


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Hi everyone!!


I hope you all are doing well. I apologise if this is the wrong place for this question. I was just wondering what advice you all would give someone who is moving out of home for the first time. It can be just general tips or even things that people forget to do/buy when moving out.


I'll be moving out of my parents house at the end of the year to move into a new place with my daddy. We're both very excited as we've never lived together before (only stayed over each other's houses). He's been living out of home for a long time, but this will be my first time.


Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!  :D

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Guest CuriousLittleBaby

First off, congratulations! It's super exciting to move out on your own for the first time! It must be even more exciting that you are moving in with your Daddy! 


As for tips and suggestions, the biggest thing is to make sure you and your Daddy have a conversation about what each of you expect. Living with new people can be very jarring as you are suddenly living with someone who has a much different outlook on things. For example, how clean and neat are you compared to your Daddy? I hated living with my first roommate because I am a very neat and clean person, and yet he was completely okay leaving out the dishes for days, having his desk littered in garbage, and never sweeping the floor. You need to make sure the two of you are on the same page with such things to make sure you aren't constantly frustrated. Work out things like who is going to do what chores and how often they are done. Are you going to share groceries? If so, how is that going to be payed for? Alternate who gets them each week? Have a house fund? I know it may not sound like much, but little things like that can grow over time to be a huge irritant and drive a wedge between the two of you, so it's important to talk about it up front and sort it all out ahead of time. 


As for things to get.... a Crock-pot is a good idea for easy meals. Speaking of which, I sometimes find it useful to prep a bunch of meals at once on Sunday then throw them in the freezer for the times when you are hungry but feeling lazy. Helps a lot to make sure you are eating healthy and not just going for easy and quick but unhealthy foods throughout the week. 


If you don't have a dishwasher I found it useful to restrict myself to one set of dishes - one plate, one bowl, one fork and spoon and knife. That way I had to wash them immediately after every meal and I couldn't just let the dishes pile up into a huge mess that is ugly and a pain to deal with. 


Uhmm, that's all I can think of right now. Good luck!


Oh! And make sure you go back to visit your family lots! Having a dinner with them once a week or every two weeks is a good thing - it helps them get through not having you at home, plus it's just nice to stay close to family :)

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