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feeling awful

Carrot Cake

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my mental health is very low. i feel extremely sick and dysfunctional. ever since i can remember, even early childhood, i've been so tired and depressed. i wish i could just stop and sleep forever. 

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I'm sorry you are feeling like this, it sounds like you really need to talk to someone and get some help. Please go talk to someone.
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Im sorry you're going through this. It isn't a nice feeling.


Although one comment comes across rude to just go seek professional help, it can be scary and intimidating. Especially when you're already feeling down and uneasy.


Yes, professionals know how to help and can help. I highly recommend seeking a counsellor or a psychologist- depending what country you're in, this can be expensive.


Help lines are a great source for help. There are also online counsellors if you don't want to see/can afford to see someone in person.


Self care can really help start the recovery of mental health. Simple things like eating breakfast, showering, washing your hair, sitting in the sun for 15 minutes.


You are worth every bit of happiness. Take time for yourself and take your time. Be easy on yourself.

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I agree on seeking some help, but if you want feel free to try 7cups of tea, its website that will give you a friendly shoulder and a ear to you and your problems, give it a try! it free so you dont have to worry! 

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