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Daily Tasks for Little


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Hello everybody! I hope you're all doing well.  I thought it would be a good idea to start a little's task list!  My Daddy works a whooooole bunches, so these are some tasks I've created for myself to keep me busy when I'm at home. You can do these with or without a caregiver. I hope you enjoy, and if you would like to contribute, that would be fantastic!


-Read 20 minutes per day


-Study for at least 1 hour (this can be college stuff, research things I want to know more about, language learning, etc)

-Practice cursive handwriting (in school, I didn't have to learn, so now I'm learning with YouTube haha)

-Work on English vocabulary (I used a site called vocabulary.com)


After these, I have some fun things to do: 

-Creative project (this can be coloring, drawing, piano, or some sort of DIY)

-Video games

-Disney movies/cartoons

-Make sure all stuffies are cared for




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