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i dont know what to do, please tips


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I normally don't open up much about it, but its getting TO MUCH! 


I will probably be all over the plays, i am sorry if that happens but i feel like it to.


the short version will not do it justice. It wil look like this:





Its a big mess in mine brain that i cant even make it short. Also how can you make almost 3 years be said in a few words?

Anyway. I do know mine question. 


Am i even ready to move on?


I really thought i was. It has been like 7 months. And i have posted a personal on here. I have talked to some people, but i don't wanna hurt anyone and make them mine rebound. But now that he went on a serious date HECK he went on a second! He never toke the time with me our "date" i ended up going with him and his ex who he kissed to an restaurant. 


how more i think about it how more stupid i think i am! I can talk shit all day yet i still have a piece of mine heart gone. 


Maybe it is because he was mine first real boyfriend and a lovely daddy. or the fact that he put weight on mine shoulder ,but made me feel special that way. he told me he will never date anyone after me. 



We tried staying friend because we also have gotten someone we can talk to out off each other. 


i am just to hurt this is still the short version after all because mine heart is aching and i wanna make it stop.

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Hey Sherry... Im sorry you're hurting inside, breaking up with someone you really loved is never easy, and it can take a long, long time to fully recover. You have to go easy on yourself, and give yourself time to grieve the end of your relationship. 7 months is no time at all really. it was a year before i felt ready to start looking again after my 8 year relationship ended. Maybe try focussing on what you have got going on in your life right now? Taking up a new hobby, or something that has no connection with that part of your life at all can help sometimes too. Concentrate on making new memories, new friends, and new ideas about what you want from life. It sounds daft, but the more you think about the future, the less effect the past will have on you, and you will wake up one day and you won't even remember how bad you feel now <3

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If you are not ready for another relationship that it totally fine. Give yourself all the time you need there is no time limit.

MissPatch is right about trying new things and making new memories. You need to focus on yourself and self growth. Also lots and lots of self care and patience with yourself.

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