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How to explain collaring


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Collaring is a very individual thing and the significance really depends on the couple. For some people, my Wife, Daddy and I fall in this category, a collar is symbolic of a deep commitment, much like a wedding ring. For others it is more symbolic of a formalized power exchange and for still others it is viewed more as an accessory.


Honestly, if you are asking your partner to consider collaring you then you already have an idea of what that means to you. Share that with your partner and explain it to them as there are just too many diverse opinions about the significance to really point to a resource.

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I use collaring to designate my submissive time. My part-time Daddy ( a friends with benefits that plays along with my exploration of the dynamic with me) gives me an agreed upon collared time... say Wednesday night 6 to 8. He guarantees to give me tasks for that time, agrees to check in on me etc. So during that two hours, I am collared and am submissive. When I am not collared I have a couple of easy rules to achieve during the day, but I am not in submissive mode.  When we play, we usually work him putting the collar on into the role play, and then I am totally submissive and in the role until he takes it off. 

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