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Guest BrieNN

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Guest BrieNN

I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I thought it would be an interesting thread.

What are your top 3 love languages (link below to the love languages test)?

How are they represented in your dlg dynamic or how would you want those languages to be represented, if you're single?


For instance: my top 3 languages are Quality Time, Physical Affection then Words of Affirmation.


1. Quality time spent watching our favorite videos, movies and series. Commenting on them or not. Listening to music together. Quiet time together where we don't need to talk.

Also respecting one another's alone time. I especially need alone time or I feel like I'll go crazy. Quality time talking about everything and anything.


2. Affection. Having someone who holds me for the sake of holding me because it's what would make me feel better but also because he derives emotional satisfaction from that. Even better if I ask for it and he drops what he's doing (within reason, lol) to give me a hug, even if it's only for a second.

On the sexual front, me pretty much having authority and control over that. I'm a dominant bottom and I want to call the shots on what we do.


3. Making him feel safe and secure as well to be vulnerable. I'd like to know that just as much as I'd feel safe with him, he would be feel safe with me. Give and take when it comes to words of affirmation. Genuine communication in giving our opinions and advice. Being comfortable enough with each other that we don't have to walk on eggshells and worry about saying the wrong thing.

Another kind of words of affirmation I love is when we can playfully insult one another. I find it fun and liberating to poke fun at one another; being playfully called a bitch, while I playfully call him an asshole.


I'm sure i can think of other examples, but I'll stop here lol. Maybe I'll add on more later.


First, what about you?



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I love this thread idea!


My top three love languages and how they're represented in my madly relationship are 


1. Quality time: When we hang out anytime, whether it's watching a movie, going out to eat or me playing animal crossing and her playing cod, it always means a lot to me just to be in the same space and know she's there for me. 


2. Acts of service: When out of little space this translates to helping with chores, filling up my gas tank, doing a small errand for me, etc. But in little space this is where she pours my sippy cup for me while I'm watching cartoons or sees me struggling to do something so she walks over and does it for me or grabs my paci for me when im getting fussy. 


3. Physical touch: Cuddling, hugs, kisses on the mouth, forehead, or cheek, pretty much anytime she is touching me. Physical touch is her #1 love language so she always has a hand on or around me whenever we're near and it brings me so much comfort.



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Actions don’t always speak louder than words. If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you. Hearing the words, "I love you," are important— hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. Insults can leave you shattered and are not easily forgotten. You thrive on hearing kind and encouraging words that build you up.


So it said but like i guessed with everything cuz i dont know what i like


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Guest BrieNN

So it said but like i guessed with everything cuz i dont know what i like

It's alright to not know what you like yet. It took me while to figure some of it out, myself. I'm still figuring things out.


You can look at it as a good exercise to get an idea even if it's not completely fleshed out.

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Guest Teasing Tink

My top three are: Physical Touch (35%), Words of Affirmation (32%) and Quality Time (19%). My Daddy's primary is Physical Touch followed by Quality Time.


1. Physical Touch

I'm glad my Daddy's and I share the same primary love language because in my last relationship, I was starved for physical attention. I feel it's important for love languages to be compatible in order to make a relationship work. As someone who is very much in their head most of the time, physical touch grounds me back into the present, physical world. It also makes me feel cherished to say the least. I'm in love with words, but sometimes a touch just speaks volumes -- and with the two combined, it's just pure magic to me. The way it manifests in our dynamic? We can't seem to keep our hands off one another. Even just something as simple as hand holding becomes bliss. Surprise grabs from behind, massages, sensual caresses, endless foreplay. Anything goes, we can't get enough.


2.Words of Affirmation

I'm in love with the written word. Of course, words are meaningless to me if not backed up by action, but if they're authentic, it's wonderful. I'm a sucker for someone who is good with words. It's part of why I fell for my Daddy. I'm also a sucker for some good dirty talk. I really needed someone who was a good dirty talker because it's one of the things that really stimulates me as sex is more so mental/emotional for me. My Daddy is king of dirty talk and I love it. Outside of sex, I love being praised or complimented in any sort of way. Daddy never seems to run out of lovely things to say to/about me which makes my heart melt and makes me feel overwhelmed (in a good way). We're both romantic saps. I also love being praised as a "good girl" and he loves calling me that too. 


3. Quality Time

I enjoy just basking in Daddy's presence and absorbing his lovely energy. It's incredibly soothing. Like, if he has to get work done and he's doing that while I'm watching a show (and he's half watching with me while working), I love that. Or when we're thrift shopping together and he's watching me sort through clothes because he loves just observing me. Watching movies and shows together of course, eating together, our long conversations of course. I love when we just chat about anything, tease, joke around and dirty talk for hours.

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Guest DemureBelle

Your primary love language is words of affirmation. 


Words of affirmation - 33%

Quality Time - 30%

Physical Touch - 27%

Acts of Service - 7%

Receiving Gifts - 3%


Words of affirmation - I love encouraging my partner and supporting them as much as I love being supported. Hearing my partner mention that he is proud of me, or loves me really sends butterflies in my tummy. I feel giddy with happiness when my daddy proudly looks at my achievements/efforts and acknowledges it verbally. A small quiet well done, or I love you sends my heart into overdrive. 


Quality Time - This is the biggest thing for me in a relationship I may have with my partner. I crave to have quality time with my partner, whether that is with just talking about meaningless things, or sharing a hobby together or merely holding hands whilst we take a stroll. 


Physical Touch - There are instance where I struggle to speak for various reasons, and a small reassuring hand on my lower back, or my partner silently holding my hand knowing to not force me to speak helps to soothe my mind.  Naturally, I'm a very touchy person, and love to steal hugs and cuddles from my partner whenever I can. 

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I used to get words of affirmation as my top but I think the kind of closeness I want in a relationship, full merging, would likely change my personality as well as what I "like." 


I was going to write about what I would have wanted, but I don't really see any point to that now. For example, I am not particularly focused on touch (im more cerebral and emotional), but someone who speaks that language well can activate that part of me too; so who knows, that would start to mean something to me when it didn't mean much before. 

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