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My gf asked me if I was into ddlg I said yes as I quickly did a google search and we had our first playtime the other night and I need help for rules guidelines punishments
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My gf asked me if I was into ddlg I said yes as I quickly did a google search and we had our first playtime the other night and I need help for rules guidelines punishments

I'm just gonna list what I'd discuss if I were you owo


- Vetting, if you haven't already. Have either of you been in a BDSM and/or DDLG dynamic before? How did it go? Were there any pros or cons to the relationships had? etc.

- Limits (hard and soft)

- What you both want and expect out of a dynamic

- Rules (limits will help make this easier to go over!)

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Some resources that are a decent generalized overview. I'd say NSFW just because of the content.


DDLG: Beginner’s Guide To Daddy Dom / Little Girl Relationships





DDlg: Your Complete Guide to Daddy Kinks





There is a lot more on youtube. Just avoid the user "Begforjay." He is not a real educator, he is a known abuser and has used his social media to try and get involved with minors as well. He's a horrible influence in the community, so please don't try and learn anything from him. The abuse and injury he has caused to other girls is really disgusting.

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Guest DaddyLex

I Don’t even know where to start in any of this I’m brand new


Hello DaddyGingerpeyre


First, welcome to the Community.


The advice offered by others to your questions, is very sound.


I won't add much beyond.. it's a sad thing that more experienced  daddies, don't often talk 

with other daddies... or offer support and guidance to newbie daddies.


When I entered this world a few years ago, it was very daunting and overwhelming.

It was other littles who helped to steer me the right way. (Notice who has been 

commenting on your post).


Listen to the littles. Most of all, listen to your own little.

Littles are all individuals, with different likes, dislikes, wants, needs, expectations etc.


You know your gf better than anyone of us here. Talk to her. Listen to her.


You also need to think about how happy you are to take up the role of being 

your gf's daddy. Being a daddy does not always suit every guy, no matter how 

much you care about your partner. You won't become a good daddy unless 

you are comfortable and willing to be one.


So read as much as you can.. about being a good daddy.. and as much as you 

can from littles. As already stated, if you are willing to listen, littles themselves 

can teach you so much.


Lastly avoid contributions from men who are 'Masters' or 'Doms'.

Ddlg is a very unique dynamic. Don't assume 'daddy' is just BDSM + some roleplay.



Very best wishes to you and your partner.

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Ohh I am glad to see that you have found a little and taking the time to look for advice! I think Vampiress had given some amazing videos and it is a good way to start off! It can be tricky to give a list to someone for rules since every little and dom are unique in their own way! Some things may work for one and not the other!


However I think getting ideas and maybe using what you can gather off the internet is helpful! I have always used things like Pinterest and YouTube to better understand little space! And even getting to know some trusted veterans in the community! They will always offer the best kinds of advice!


What you can do is ask what your little would like?! What kind of rules does she want and what are some punishments that she may like/dislike. Ask her if she wants to have things like “daily chores/tasks” or is she just want rules that apply to certain things. Another thing to ask her is what kind of rewards she would like!


I will give you a quick example: create a daily self care chart! Have her brush her teeth, make bed, take shower/bath, daily chores, eat 3 meals, go for walk, etc! With each thing complete she can get given a sticker! And at the end of each month the amount of stickers she has collected she gets a certain reward! The less stickers she gets the smaller the reward and the more stickers she has the bigger (and even more expensive) the reward! Of course this one has no punishments but it can be more for littles who are more into a praise/please daddy type behavior!


I hope this was a little helpful! And good luck!

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