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    Maybe it’s something else?!

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    #1 Arlene-is-mean



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    Posted 16 October 2020 - 04:29 PM

    Hello. When I found i was a little I managed to repress it for years till a few weeks ago. Suddenly, I can’t anymore. However, I’ve come to a possible realization recently. What if it’s not littlespace? I’ve never really been able to relate to any other Littles, and found the general aesthetic of this whole thing just too... sweet for my liking. So I’m thinking I’ll list what it feels like for me, and others can do the same below, to see if we have similar things and thus determine if this is littlespace or something else.
    1 my head feels heavy and warm, like it was stuffed with cotton, this will often cause me to lie down
    2 I get nauseous ( this stopped recently, but I’ve only been little if that’s what this is, a few times without this happening, so thought I’d list it.
    3 my ears ring ( this has stopped, but only for the same amount of time as the nausea)
    4 very shy
    5 general childish mannerisms, at least mentally, ( wanting to use pacifiers/wear diapers etc.)
    I also get this awful feeling after it stops, it’s so bad to the point where I can’t tell if it’s a physical pain or not. It’s never been an enjoyable experience. I’ve always been physically in pain/ anxious/nauseous during it, which has led me to resent it.
    Does this sound like littlespace, or something else?

    #2 SweetiePieBabyBee


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    Posted 16 October 2020 - 04:39 PM

    This is nothing like my little space, but it’s nothing to get upset about. When something like this starts causing physical trauma, it’s probably due to stress, but I am not a doctor. You should go to one for an analysis, just to be sure. We want you happy, healthy, and safe
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    #3 Pøx



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    Posted 16 October 2020 - 04:47 PM

    Something else.
    You should possibly go see a Doctor. Maybe they will refer you to a specialist.
    I don’t wish to delve into whether or not you experienced trauma in your youth that may lead you to dissociate, as it’s none of my business. But that might be something to consider.

    Also Littles are generally 18yo or older, but either way adults. With the exception of the misnomer “Little” in the AgRe community. It originated with the DD/lg subgenre of BDSM. Idk if that helps provide further clarity.




    #4 Vampiress



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    Posted 16 October 2020 - 05:07 PM

    Can't say my littlespace is like that either. I know some littles get depressed or frightened and stuff like that in their littlespaces, but I haven't heard of the nausea, ear ringing, and the other things before. I'd definitely follow the previous advice and seek a doctor or someone who specializes in this kind of thing if possible.


    On another note, even though the stereotypical DD/lg is very cutesy and pink and princesses and stuff like that, not all littles fit this. There are tomboyish littles, male littles who like boy things, littles of other genders. Basically, you can be a little of any gender and like whatever it is you want to like, it isn't limited to girly and sweet things.

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    #5 CatboyAdrian


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    Posted 17 October 2020 - 03:33 AM

    I hate to say it but you may want to go to a therapist about this one. Littlespace has another part called age regression which is something not easily controlled a majority of the time. It can be used as a way of relieving stress and there is another form where it is to deal with past traumas. I am not really sure if any age regressors have those feelings or if they get physical pain from it but it might also be a good idea to maybe ask around and see if it is something common for them!

    I am not sure if this sounds like age regression but if it is involuntary and you have such negative feelings towards the regression then there is a chance that there is more to this. I couldn’t imagine going through pain mentally and physically over something that is primarily used to help get our minds off those things so I am truly sorry that this happens to you. I hope that you are able to get the help needed on this and get some answers!

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