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How do I stop


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Guest borderlineophelia

To be honest, if it is a part of who you are maybe stopping it isn't such a good idea. Being in littlespace can happen anytime anywhere as long as it's discreet. However, if it interferes with you parenting your children, it is a good idea to find a way to balance that part of you. If you really want to try stopping it, I suggest finding a way to put that energy somewhere else. Like maybe into a different headspace, or a hobby. 

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Guest hideouslovely

I found this a little bit difficult with my youngest kid so I can understand how this feels.  I made sure that I had some dedicated littlespace time after my kids had gone to bed.  I started with a bath and then colouring, stuffies and cartoons.  It really helped to know that I had that time to look forward to where I could relax and just be myself and there would be no interruptions when I had to be grownup again.

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