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newbie little seeking experiences :)


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first,  i'd like to apologize for my bad english since it's not my native.


hello everyone,  i'm new here and recently try to exploring the concept of ddlg. i don't really know how to introducting myself properly but i hope you all love to know this little things about me.


i'm yoyo from indonesia.

i'm 26 but mostly people think i'm still in high school because my face doesn't really aging much,  plus i'm a bbw petite girl :3


i'm a very shy girl and introverted but love to traveling and meet new people.

i'm not a talkative one and tend to listening to other people convo.  but once i get into something that interest me,  i will not stop talk for hours.


like everyone else,  i love music. i don' t have any specific genre but mostly listening to k-pop and house.

i love to eat and i really enjoy being feeded by hand.

i really really love waterpark and playing in the rain. XD

i like to take a long nap in someone's lap and getting petted, especially when they sing a song for me until i get sleep.

i love cuddling with my plush named ellephink,  because its pink and its an elephant :3 while watching some disney and pixar movies.

elephant is my spirit animal since its big but very gentle and super care to its family. i have her since middle school so now she doesn't look that pink anymore and she getting slimmer because of my love lol :p


i love the idea on having a daddy that loves to spoil and nurture his little yet still set some rules so that the little respect him and properly behave.


outside the ddlg,  i'm a subs who really love being tied,  i even wear shinju on daily activity.


i can't wait to know you all and make a great friendship.

please take care of me :)

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thank you pablo :)


what house are we talking about here? is it music or the little space?

if it music, i like deep house and electro house, i sometimes hear trap to increase my mood.


if it little space, i still don't have any specific thing, i love purple and little furniture, i have this child desk in the corner of my room as my very little space lol.

i think all i need is a caring daddy and some rules to make me a well behave little since i'm a slightly brat.

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