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My little girl just called me Daddy


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Hi all, my little 1 has just called Daddy. Iam so happy, in that she has seen enough trust anb love to give herself to me.

We have not had our first play yet . But as my little 1 is sick, awaiting results tomorrow.

Iam so looking forward to our adventures together

As my little 1 is a nurse she is fairly dominant mbut she says that she is a sub..

But i think that our dynamic id a switch based dynamic.

Lookiñg for guidance , help to discover what we realy are.




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Hello friend, I'm very happy for you! Not anyone or everyone can be deserving of the title Daddy, it's a privilege and an honor. Sometimes that title is thrown around carelessly and that bothers me, but in your case, time and trust and love was established and seeing your appreciation (you coming here to share this) warms my heart. I can't guide you unfortunately, as I don't have the tenure to adequately consider myself some sort of mentor, but I'd say trial and error. You'll never know who or what you are or what you like, until you weed out what you don't. I wish you the best of luck my friend, in you grand adventure hand in hand with your little one!
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