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    Worst dates ever.

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    Posted 07 April 2021 - 08:34 AM

    ...... Hi. Me again. *waves*

    For some reason my customers think I’m their therapist. I take it as a compliment , even though it can be draining at times. What isn’t draining about it...... is all the hilarious terrible dates I get to hear about. I feel so bad for some of my customers and their dating experiences, but I can’t help but laugh at how awkward people can be and the weird situations people find themselves in.

    What’s one of the worst dates you’ve ever been on ? Was it funny ? Traumatic ? (In a silly way) , scar you for life ? Heh ^-^

    Jesus .... so... this was a LONG time ago. Probably..... eight years ago now ? I was invited to go on a triple date. Myself and a dude , his two guy friends and their girlfriends. It was the first time I was meeting and going out with any of this guys friends. I was really nervous because I’m a terribly self conscious person and always think everyone will hate me. As you can imagine I was on edge from the beginning. It was decided that all six of us would go bowling together.

    We get to the bowling place , and we’re all sitting in our parking spots in our cars goofing around before we go inside. One of the friends and his girlfriends said they would be in right after us. They had to “talk” really quick. I thought they were just gunna smoke a joint and I was like well that’s rude not to share , but didn’t think much of it and the other four of us went inside.


    The other guy and his girlfriend are making out in the bar area , super obvious PDA. Gross.
    I’m looking at my date , obviously very annoyed. I’m thinking in my head “your friends kinda suck... “ with my date and I sitting in awkward silence.

    Finally , the other couple comes back inside. Neither of them are speaking , the girl looks REALLY fuckin mad. I could feel the energy pouring out of her , and I was like oh boy here we go she’s gunna fuckin go off on someone. *sips booze*

    The guy says “hey let’s get some food before we play.”
    We all go to the food : bar area and order some drinks , and as the waitress walks away the angry girl scoffs under her breath “are you gunna fuck her too you piece of shit ?”


    Everyone at the table is dead silent..... so I go “wowwweeee good drinks I like this drink everyone else like their drink whew what a good drink.” Didn’t work.

    The dude and angry girlfriend start bickering at the table in front of myself and my date and the other couple.
    The other couple was obviously annoyed as well. So the other girl politely says “could you guys do that after dinner ? We’re sorry you guys are fighting but we don’t want to be caught in the middle.” (A little important piece of info , the other girl that spoke up is from Sweden. She moved here like two months prior to going out with all of us.)
    This piece of doodoo loser asshole goes “ aren’t you just with my friend for a green card anyways?”

    I kicked my dates shin under the table so fucking hard. I gave him that look like I’m gunna start yelling and freaking out... I decide to excuse myself and get some fresh air away from the bar table.

    I’m standing by myself , and I hear yelling and a big commotion. The angry girl storms out of the bowling place , the other couple storms out after her , my date is yelling at his douche bag friend , and I’m just standing there watching it all go down while the bowling alley is looking at them like a circus. *sigh* I hate people.

    Eventually , everyone is gone and my date walks up to me. Like oh wow I exist now ? Cool.

    He explained to me , that while they were in the car outside for 45 minutes this guy confessed to his girlfriend that he’s cheated on her with seven different girls and might have a girl pregnant. RIGHT BEFORE A DATE ?!?!? WHY ?!?!?!

    I totally understand why the girl was mad , but Jesus Christ. I refused to go on another date , especially if any of his friends were gunna be around. In my mind , guilty by association. If those are the people you’re around , I don’t like it. And really didn’t like being forgotten about until the chaos was over. Although , I am glad I walked away.

    So yeah...... that’s one of the worst dates I’ve ever been on. It was terrible and chaotic while it was happening , but now that I look back on it it’s very silly and funny to me.

    Hopefully someone has something really juicy and funny ^-^ I’ve always been a loner / loser so I haven’t gone on many dates on my life.

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    Posted 07 April 2021 - 05:05 PM

    I wouldn't say I had a "Worst date ever" It's close though. 
    The NYE Fantasy turned Nightmare. 
    My ex and I had been dating a few months, wasn't D/s or DDlg, although I'm always Dominant in the bedroom, etc. 
    So we were out of town visiting one of her best male buddies and staying at his place. It was near San Francisco and on NYE without any reservations somehow we scored the BEST Table with a view of the bay. Great food, I was in one of My best suits, she in her sexiest drop dead gorgeous dresses. I caught more than a few eyeing us both.
    Everything was going as close to perfect as you can get. We watched fireworks from our table, lighting up the Golden Gate Bridge and the water. It began raining not too hard but you wouldn't want to be out in it without an umbrella. We paid and were about to drive home, and the key wouldn't turn in the ignition. (If you have a Ford Mustang you might want to pay attention to this part) So rather than try to force it, why not take the key out and start over right? WRONG. So, car won't start, it's near three miles back to her friends place Mostly uphill too. Cell phones were new then, no one was answering too busy partying in the city etc. No joy on getting a cab so we start walking. Keep in mind, she's in Fancy pumps, I'm in Dress shoes. 
    Of course 1/3 of the way back it starts raining harder. I put My coat on her, she's trying barefoot but it's getting colder. I rotated carrying her on My back, and in My arms the rest of the way back. I finally get her back and we're both wiped out, straight to sleep. 
    Next day we call all over finally get a Lock Smith out to the car. On the Phone he asked if it was a Ford mustang. Go figure. The brass piece in the ignition tends to just FALL OUT, blocking the key from turning. Without any tools he totally removed the ignition in a blink. Yeah even though I am a big Bad ass Alpha Male that can do most repairs Myself I did the O_____O He asked want to see it again? Of course I did. No lie he removed it in a blink. Not even a full second probably. Shook out the brass piece. Asked if we wanted a new part, If I recall the piece makes your car Ding until the doors close or something. That's literally all it does. I asked it would fall out again. He said yep. So I said nope. Long as the car will run without it, which it will. 
    Moral of the story is I took up some Locksmithing, and now I can get that piece out, but I added Mustang to the list of models I won't buy or rent. 
    If you have a Mustang, yeah it looks cool but you might want to have these in the Trunk, along with an umbrella. 


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