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Favorite kink/little shops?


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I'm curious to see who/what is everyone favorite kink shop/ little space/pet space shops are on Instagram, etsy, and where ever else you shop! Also what is your favorite items from those shops?


I'll go first! My favorite etsy shop is unicornandglitter!


My favorite Instagram shops.. Hmm I have a few, liaslittles, tinyfoxshop, Lil.ethereal.bouquet and miss.brattylittle.shop

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I have gotten a thing or two from Little For Big, but idk how they are overall, I may not be the biggest fan of them as they seem to be a bigger company, but so far their stuff has worked. 


I adore the look of Onesies Down Under (but still haven't gotten anything from them cause I can't decide which things I want, they're all so good)


So while I haven't bought anything from these, I do have some etsy shops saved that look cute:







Here are some less cg/l but more kink shops I like the look of:




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Guest littlebabyslittlespace

I love Dinkie's Den for onesies and littleoneslandshop on insta for pacis, I also loved Rainbow Pacis on instagram but they closed :( Littletude is good if you're on a budget but they don't have much variety, I'm not too keen on lfb as I find the fabric isn't the best. ODU used to be my favourite but most of their onesies now feel like swimsuits, their quality has gone down when prices have gone up which sucks plus they now have customs fees when they get to my country

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Stores :

Little for big

Littles down under

Littles in lace

Little kink boutique

Littles laboratory

Littles by littles

Itty bitty Littles

Aww so cute

Eny body shop

Instagram shops

The little space boutique

Etsy shop


Big baby boutique

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