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I feel sad today, how about you?


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Daddys been busy with work and havent been able to talk or facetime for a week, even though he said a hundred percent yes today... I think he fell asleep, but I can't help but feel he no like me no more. Now that I have new jobs too I've been busy as well. I feel myself regressing- i think I'm going back to how I was when I had a job last year before the pandemic and would run into my room, crawl in my bed, and hug my heart-shaped pillow and pretend it was someone hugging and cuddling me after a long day at work. I did that again today when I came home, first time in a while. I also stole a hello kitty toy from my sister's moving box that was partly open with some stuff spilling out, but she didn't notice. My family knows that I act like a child, but no one knows that it's associated with some pretty significant insecurities hiding deep inside, so I have to be a little discreet with what I buy and ask for presents. I've been feeling so *s m o l * lately because I feel like I'm doing a bad job at job training- today I said "sorry" probably fifty times, the guy training me was a total prick and pretended i wasn't even there and wouldn't let me do anything... I feel so lonely and insecure I feel shriveled up inside. i watched a video of a cat seeing a video of her dead owner and I finally was able to cry. There's *so much stress* in my life i wish my daddy was here to listen. I hope he doesnt go away


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It seems like you're overwhelmed with everything that is happening in life, which is completely normal and understandable. I'm sorry to hear that you haven't been in proper contact with your daddy and it makes sense to be upset about that. Since the both of you have jobs now, I advise you to sit with your daddy and really talk about how you have been feeling and perhaps make a schedule of some sort to stay in contact with each other during the week. Although not an excuse, it seems like your daddy has been very busy with work and sometimes we lose track of things when we are so busy. That does not mean that you cant feel this way, and thats why I advise you to really put everything on the table with him, because you deserve to be reassured as well in this relationship. 


I know what it is to be little in secret, I am one too but I just wanted to remind you that you're okay and that its okay to find comfort in this. Also, the guy at your training sounds like a total but*head and if no one has told you today: you are doing just fine, alright. Job trainings are designed to learn more and to help us grow in our job; you are trying so hard and Im so proud of you for that! 


Its normal to feel insecure and lonely at times, and I just want to reassure you that your daddy does care and that others do too, heck there is a whole community out here that cares for you! If you feel like it, talk to your daddy about how you feel and about what has been bothering you and try to establish a common ground where you stay in contact and he is there for you, since you need it! 


Some things that help me when I feel overwhelmed with everything is to cry it out, write it down or really take some time for myself like; coloring; walks in the park; little dates with myself and watching a nice movie! If you're comfortable with it too, you can talk to a friend about how you are feeling. 


I wish you all the best and remember that your feelings are valid! 


- Bubbless 

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I sorta feel the same but have been working on my projects to get me by. It's been mainly loneliness tbh. There was this girl (my friend), we've know each other for about a year and a half already and we were close. She was practically my little and I treated her as such. Honestly I was in love with her and truly wanted her to be my little. A couple of months ago she started leaving my messages unopened and whenever she would open them she would say she was just busy. I absolutely understand that but now she kinda don't even talk to me no more. I knew she used to like me but

I figured I'd already given her what she wanted and now she found someone else :/

Probably was my fault for loving so hard, but yeah that's my mood xD. I hope your day gets better for sure!!

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