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New to the lifestyle and just experienced my first breakup.


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Guest BigDaddyDominant

WALK AWAY walk away now please! From a Daddies perspective it sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. Your right he's giving you false hope and stringing you along.It almost sounds like he's holding your "little girl" chest hostage. After such a painful break up you need time and to grow. Don't let him drag you down to his level be the bigger person. Learn more about yourself and what it is to be little. Your best to try and move forward (as painful as that is trust me I know). Take time to explore and learn yourself before you try with another  Daddy.


Please please please don't give up. Not all Daddies are like him. Some truly do care and want to help our little. The right one is out there. There's a  lot of good ones willing to help you grow and be happy you just have to find them.   Just remember that your not alone there's a lot of us here if you want help.

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