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Little kaiya

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Oooooh thank you so much for sharing, I can feel the bliss and comfort!! ♥ ♥ ♥  It warms my heart so much, I'm super happy for you!! ^_^  

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This week has been very emotional and tough due to some events at work. I've been feeling pretty emotionally drained to be honest.


Well, my Daddy noticed and after work on Wednesday got me, took me to our room and changed me into a diaper and fleece sleeper. After He took me downstairs, put on some cartoons, cuddled me into His lap and put a paci in my mouth and unicorn stuffy in my arms. Instant stress relief!


There's something just so wonderful when a partner just surrounds you in soft, loving, littleness I just can't imagine not having my Daddy's unconditional love and support


WOW! That sounds awesome! 

Hope you took some pictures or a video of your special moments! 

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