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So much stress


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Life seems to be stressful lately. With me working full-time and taking courses, I feel like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it in. I feel overwhelmed with things, and it super sucks that I haven't really been able to regress in a long time. I wish I could...

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This seems to be a problem with lots of us, especially during COVID. 


Many of us seem to spend too much time on Social Media or online in general. Cutting a bit of time from there and using it on what's more important maybe the first step in the right direction. 


Next, you may want to prioritize your time starting with more important to less important tasks. 


Another important thing to consider is that, in order to work efficiently, we all need 7-8 hours of sleep. Even though 7-8 hours of sleep seems like a lot of time, however getting enough sleep actually saves us time in performing our daily tasks more efficiently. Therefore, it's time well spent. 


Lastly, you may want to break down your tasks in small parts and only worry about completing one of those small parts before worrying about completing the next small part. 


Hope it helps, good luck!

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Guest AlisonS23

I understand this stress soooo much! Working full time. School full time. And full time momma. But you can do it! Yes prioritize is so important. It’s like spinning plates on a pole. Figuring out exactly how fast to spin each plate to get them all in rhythm. Not that one won’t ever fall and break though. That’s when you either fix the broken one or move on. Juggling all these tasks will be worth it in the end. Just gotta learn your rhythm and how to spin them all. Eventually...it will get easier as life tosses you more plates. Practice makes you perfect. We spend a life time striving for perfection.


Keep going and don’t give up.

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