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How does pacifier sizing work?


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I wasn't able to find a good guide online, I've tried ABDL forums but they weren't very helpful.
On the left is my adult size pacifier, it's too big and uncomfortable. On the left is a regular baby one, it's the right size but it's too short.

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Infant pacifiers’ sizing is normally indicated by the recommended age bracket on the packaging. E.g. 0-3 months, 6 months, 18+ months or Size 1,2 or 3 for some brands.

Unfortunately there’s no good in-between size, but the biggest store bought one isn’t too bad. (18+ months/Size 3)

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a gentle reminder as well that repeated use of infant-sized pacifiers

on adult teeth can cause damage if you're not using them correctly/for too long!


if you want a pacifier for overnight, i'd suggest investing in adult one. 


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True, but adult ones are also not really ideal.

So neither should be used for extended amounts of time. Yo' teeth can shift over time, as well as makin' yo' pallet uncomfortable.


I got a gap between my front teeth and my lil skin thing under my top lip gets sucked up into it like a flesh vortex. So when I take pacifier out I feel like I'm wearin' someone else's mouth.



So hard.

The hardest reminder you ever seen.

Rock hard reminder.

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