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Advice needed please


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Hi, so I have recently gotten together with someone (yay) and we are both switches. I've been exploring my dom/cg/pet side more and have really begun to enjoy it. My partner is mainly a little/sub but has recently starting going into a pet headspace. It's completely new for him and he obviously wants to explore it and for me to train him.

I might add, this is a ldr. We mainly talk over text and phone calls. I've already got some rules in place that we must both follow but I'm really new to being a Dom and exploring that side of me.

I want it to be safe for both of us to explore and grow but I would like some advice or help with things. Mainly just people to talk to about how to go about all this.


I could write for ages honestly but if you could send me a message on this and maybe we could talk about things a bit better privately that would be great.


Thank you

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As a long time Daddy Dom I have a few thoughts.


You learn best by doing.  In a more verbose tone; be the best Dom you can be using common and not so common sense.  Be aware that you will make mistakes and learn from them.


Come to think of it, that really is the best insight I can offer.


Good luck.

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Sound advice PapaGreyWolf. The best way to grow and learn where you (and a partner) fit in your dynamic is to talk to each other. Common sense (and not so common sense) will take you to some wild and wonderful places… I cannot stress the importance of COMMUNICATION.


Being able to talk and discuss wants, desires, needs, etc will create and instil trust, comfort and safety between the both of you.


Remember, all relationship dynamics are different AND there is no right or wrong in any dynamic. Have fun exploring who you both are and where you both fit. Having multiple kinkterests to explore makes life and relationships more fun and forges stronger bonds having that trust to be able to talk about them safely and a willingness to try.


Hope this helps ☺️

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