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Beatty Caregiver?


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So I'm a brat as well as a little and my Caregiver who's new to the lifestyle doesn't really know how to handle a brat and has recently been trying different techniques. Up until recently I just didnt brat because I didn't want to push her when she didn't know what to do but I noticed that I felt like I needed to brat since for me it's a way of pushing someone I love away in a safe way and knowing that they'll come back.


But anyway the issue is I've noticed her way of dealing with it has become bratting back like I'll be sarcastic during play and she'll be sarcastic back but this only make me feel bad and doesn't have the outcome I want nor do I particullay know what to do with it when she does. So I'm just kinda confused I guess and wonder if anyone has a similar experience or anyone has any advice.


(I know communication is key and I'm talking to her about this and telling her about my confusion but I feel like neither of us know what to do at this point so am hoping for some advice)

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Sometimes, if you dont know how to find the way to the solution, starting with the desired outcome can be helpful. A conversation that starts with what, and how, you want to feel in certain situations can open up dialogue and lead to questions that help you find the way. If her responses to your bratty behaviour aren't working, you could help her by being more direct in what you would like her actions to look like. For example, when my Daddy has to tell me off, i like it when he uses firm hands to move me physically. He isn't used to being that way, so i had to express that desire so he knew what i was looking for. Its a learning curve for you both right now, while you figure out how you fit, and i know sometimes these conversations aren't very exciting, but its good to do the groundwork first, to give your selves the best chance ^^ 



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Brat Tamers


So, I do not like this meme because I do not feel like it is fair to the majority of caregivers.  However, I do think it makes a point and I am curious to know if others agree with me.  Brat tamers, I think, enjoy the challenge.  I also think that brat tamers are extremely rare because enjoyment is not something that is trainable.  In other words, you cannot teach someone to be a brat tamer, they either are or they are not.  They can be taught techniques to deal with a brat, but they need to want it.


In your situation, it sounds like the first thing to figure out is whether or not your caregiver enjoys the challenge of handling a brat.  If she does, then you need to overcommunicate the way your brain works so that she can learn how best to handle you in a variety of situations.  Start with your feelings:


I feel ________ when you ________.

I said _______ because I felt ______.

I want ______ when ________.

Right now, my brain is telling me ____________.  Is that accurate?


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Show her this thread? 

You have described the situation and what you don't like and how it makes you feel. These are the things she needs to know.


It might just be her way to deal with it, sometimes the outcome we want is simply not given by a certain person because is just not their style you know? sometimes it is best to be a bit more flexible and you might be pleasantly surprised... if you are too focused on getting the result you want then what you really want to do is roleplay, and nothing wrong with that but you should say so and you both should prepare in advance.


Also since she is new to the lifestyle, there is the chance she is a switch or even a little that happens to be bratty like yourself and is having fun with it, the older sister type maybe? or just a very playful CG.

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