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Trying to make friends


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Any littles want to make friends with other littles but are too shy or don't know where to look? well that's me. I'd feel comfortable with having other girls as friends. I'm 5 when I'm in little space (18 irl) I love bees, coloring, naps, painting, reading, stuffies, soft clothing, sushi, and sloths.


Also I use snapchat and instagram

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Hello! I'm also a little in search of friends (3-6 when regressed, 20 IRL). My interest include music/singing, baking, naps, cuddles, stuffies, and eating candy and cereal. I hope we can be friends!

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Hey, I love sushi and soft clothing too! My little age can be anywhere from 0 to 6.

I'm also looking for little friends but I'm really shy and also pretty socially awkward too. You mentioned you use Instagram, mine is linked in my profile if you wanna be mutuals! Invitation open for anyone else in this thread too! 

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(3-5 |18 yrs old)
Im always looking for little friends as well! I love to color, watch cartoons or anything Disney (inc. MCU and Star Wars), blasting early 2000's pop, eating sweets and toying around n getting myself in trouble! I also use instagram as a form of communicating as well!

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i would love little friends. i want to talk and connect with littles like me. i am 23 years old. my little age is around 4 to 7. But lately i has been regressed to a younger age. i make chokers and pacis. i love SpongeBob and Molang. my favorite movie is Minions. Sweets and stuffies are some of the things i love love love. i likes to draw and color and cook and bake and dance and sing.


i also have an instagram and tiktok and kik and discord

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Always ready for little friends here.

ive been into DDLG for 8 years,


BDSM for 10,

and i am a very likeable person.

my only bad part is Borderline personality disorder and autism.


but if you can look past those disorders i am a lovely friend. I have no friends atm ,


due to burnt bridges between old friends and me.


so id love to make some new friends,

especially ones into the same things i am. feel free to message me here or friend me here if thats possible.


Just mention who you are and why your friending me. :)


Some things about me.


I am a Babygirl/Little , little age is 3-5 

Real age is 29

Love the colors purple, pink and black.


Love me some McDonalds nuggets or panda express Chinese food, But if i HAD to pick a healthy snack its grapes or strawberries.


I have a Daddy of 3 years im engaged to and collared by since 2020. Were in a LDR.

I love all things Disney and nickelodeon 90s cartoons and drake and josh and icarly.


Brother bear 1-2 are my FAV movies ever.


I have unicorn bed sheets, and a ton of stuffed animals


I have two cats named Magick , a black cat female, and a Tortoiseshell cat Coco Chanel who is female. magick is 7 and coco is 1 in a half.


My typical day is spent with Daddy at home texting him all day as he cannot use his physical voice


( hes on a respirator permanently and is wheelchair bound) We met on fetlife. 

Other then that, i am disabled so i do not work so i can be found most often on my computer or phone most of the day, so im ALWAYS available to talk!


Hope to make some friends here!

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Im always up to making friends! Im can be really shy and kinda bad at conversations but i do try! I havent really set up my profile here since im pretty new but you can always send me a message or something. 

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