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Both little and dom


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I need some advice, for those who are switches.. How do you handle being both little and Dom? Like my little is a sub and little and sometimes I slip and also be little with them cause I don't have a outlet to let my little side out... My little trys to Dom.. But they have a very hard time with it.. I mean sure they like to be big spoon and stuff.. But that's all Dom they get really.. So any advice?
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Maybe try a task chart or things you can do to "Dom" yourself before you get into little space! Both me and my partner are switches, while i dom 90% of the time, he sometimes feels the urge or i start to slip a bit- and it hasnt been an issue yet! but i can also Dom myself- for lack of better terms. I have my coloring books and streaming apps to have a kids version so when i feel little i let him know and i go into self care, if he's feeling like domming he takes the reins and cares for me!

Honestly the best answer i could give though is communication, just like with every other aspect of kink and dynamics! Try to explain to them what you really want, be that someone in a baby sitter type roll or someone to really take control while youre little and go from there. Everyone's different to say the least, but talking about it with your partner is the first step to both of you having hte relationship you need / deserve uwu

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I think the easiest suggestion to offer you is looking into getting a caregiver for yourself if that's something that's appealing to you. Otherwise if I were you I would discuss this with your sub, see where their head is at in this, you don't exactly need a dom to be little, you can be little with them if they're open, double the littles double the fun lol. 

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