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So my favorite Holliday is Halloween and it's tomorrow. I love everything about it and I have my house decorated. (Pictures to come after my party.) I was just wondering who everyone was dressing up as for a night when you can be anyone?


Me personally I go with the theme of my decorations and since I build a graveyard I go as a necromancer!

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I love Halloween dearly! It's my favorite holiday by far. This year won't see any decorations or costumes unfortunately. But, I did go to work Friday dressed in my welding overalls and said I was supposed to be an ironworker lol :p


 I have to say, my favorite choice for Halloween is zombies, and has been since I was in middle school. When I was young, I used to dream about doing special effects make up in Hollywood. I used to make latex appliances on sheets of plexiglass that you could then glue right on and paint. It was super simple DIY makeup, but it looked horrifying to everyone else :D Three years ago, I did my brother's makeup as a zombie and he made a few smaller kids cry, he looked so scary. I guess I always liked them because you could go all out on the gore and not have to break the bank. Nowadays, zombies are so popular it's a cliché.


 I can't wait to get down to Texas to be with my little. I'm sure we'll have a total blast come round this time of year!

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