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This week I was very excited that my girlfriend wanted me to tell her a story at night while she was away on business. I opted to make up my own but was wondering if anyone else reads stories and if they are ones that already are in print, what are some good ones?
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Guest KinderCanuck

Your public library is a perfect source for books to read to your little at no cost. You can take them out physically and many libraries also have electronic loans. It makes for a great outing


Dr. Seuss, Winnie the Pooh are great for littles, any Roald Dahl is good for middles. You can even read a chapter of Harry Potter every night and go through the series

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Really good stories are the Fletcher the Fox series. There's four books, each for a season, and they're really cute and adorable. They have really pretty pictures, too! Charming books ^^ i bought all four for myself, and look at the pics often :D Edited by LokiTehAdorableFox
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